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February 15, 2022

If you've been into jewelry for quite some time now or if you are just starting your journey in the jewelry industry, chances are you've already heard or are familiar with the name: Joe Avianne. Does it ring a bell? If not, here's a little information on the man behind the name. Joe Avianne is the Co-Owner of Avianne & Co. Jewelry, one of the largest and most prominent jewelry stores today. Specializing in diamonds and watches, Avianne & Co. is a flagship store for hip-hop artists and hip-hop culture.

Avianne & Co. has been in the industry for a long time and has already etched its name among the most well known brands. They are responsible for creating jewelry pieces that have gained worldwide recognition and they have worked with almost everyone, from your favorite basketball and football stars to your favorite musicians and artists like Jamie Fox, Chris Brown, Tom Cruise, Lil Wayne and many more.

In a recent On the Rocks episode of GQ Magazine, Joe Avianne shares his insane jewelry inventory. The first of the two-part special shows some of Avianne's most priced items including their massive collections of gold and diamond encrusted chains and watches. On the second part, Joe shares their iconic iced custom diamond pendant creations. He also recalls the humble beginnings of Avianne & Co. together with his brother, Izzy Avianne. Their earliest exposure to the industry was through their father who was actually a jeweler. They pursued this shared passion for jewelry and built the empire called Avianne.

Avianne is known for going all-out when creating their jewelry and this is especially seen on the viral pieces that they have created which in turn broke the internet.

Avianne & Co. Chains

Chains are the heart of every artist’s style, and when it comes to chains, Avianne & Co. always knows what to create. Here's a list of thedopest and most insane chains which Joe Avianne showed off during this episode.

  1. Slick Rick's 12lb. Africa Cuban - A Cuban link that weighs 12 pounds which was made for Slick Rick. This piece is around $400,000.
  2. Coi Leray's Koi Fish Chain - This unique koi fish piece was specifically made for Coi Leray, Joe shares.
  3. The Wesekh Necklace - This necklace was made for Bobby Shmurda.
  4. Mona Lisa Handcuff Link Chain - Another sleek piece is this Mona Lisa chain for Cam'ron.
  5. Two-Tone Pacman Chain - This chain’s details are impressive with the two-carats diamonds in each of the links. This was created for retired football star, Adam Jones.
  6. Sniper Gang Artillery Chain - This $120,000 piece was created for Kodak Black. 
  7. DNA Link Necklace - This DNA link’s jewelry design is first of its kind. The link is unique as it resembles a DNA pattern.

Avianne & Co. Watches

As a store that specializes in watches, Avianne & Co. sees to it that their watch pieces aren’t just eye-catching but also trendsetting. They break the barriers and norms of the basic watches. Here are a few of their impressive watch creations.

  1. Diplomats Prototype Timepiece
  2. Bandana Watch for Blueface
  3. Lion Watch for Bobby Shmurda
  4. Yung LB's Crucifixion Watch
  5. Diamond Skeleton Watch

Avianne & Co. Rings

Joe Avianne also shows off their famous ring pieces.

  1. Young Thug's $40,000 Diamond Pinky Ring
  2. 2 Chainz's $50,000 Royal Botonnee

Avianne & Co. Pendants

Finally, Joe Avianne shares their massive pendant creations. These pendants from Avianne & Co. are just as iconic as their chains and other creations. Most of these were specifically designed and customized. Here’s a list of Joe’s top pendants which cost around $20,000 to $200,000.

  1. Camron’s Mona Lisa
  2. Blueface’s Collar
  3. Stacks’s Fighter Jet
  4. Blacc Zacc’s Gold Plate
  5. Bobby Shmurda’s Emoji Lock & Collar
  6. 2 Chainz’s Royal Botonnee Set
  7. Joe’s Personal “Avianne” Pendant

The whole on the rocks episode with Joe Avianne was an amazing trip to any jewelry enthusiast’s dreams. The pieces were not only made to be worn but are also works of art - quality and passion in one. If you want to watch the two-part feature, feel free to visit GQ’s YouTube channel.

Final Thoughts

Getting jewelry pieces is not an easy feat. With the many choices you have today, it can be confusing. There are many hip-hop jewelry stores out there but purchasing from one that really cares about the quality of each piece could totally make a difference.

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