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July 26, 2021

Memphis rapper NLE Choppa hit IceBox this week and had a surprise run in with rappers 42 Dugg (Best known for his hit single with Lil Baby - We Paid) and Big Scarr (Best known for his hit single with Pooh Shiesty, Foogiano and Tay Keith - SoIcyBoyz 2).

NLE known for embracing big and flashy jewelry pieces immediately scoped out a bust down AP (Short for Audemars Piguet) flooded in all black diamonds with a list price of $83,000. 

NLE known in recent months for promoting his vegan lifestyle, healthy living and meditation also briefly discussed his website NLE Health and Wellness which is sells a wide variety of health products including Chlorophyll, Seamoss and Neem Oil. 

The IceBox team took NLE and his team to their manufacturing office and showed them how they measure, replace and repair jewelry that has been damaged or that has worn out naturally over time. 

Overall this trip for NLE Choppa was more of one to show face and to get his jewelry cleaned before hitting the road again. Watch the full video of NLE Choppa meeting 42 Dugg and Big Scarr below.


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