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November 23, 2021

Young Dolph and Key Glock are undoubtedly a power duo that have been making waves in the world of Rap & Hip Hop and Fashion. Young Dolph and Key Glock are known for each producing multi platinum and gold selling albums together as well as individuals. This unique passion they share for both music and fashion has allowed them to become household names and trendsetters in their own right.

Today we will walk through Young Dolph and Key Glock's trip to IceBox Jewelry as they try on unique jewelry pieces and purchase new designs that you may want add to your own jewelry box.

Young Dolph starts his trip off by looking at a set of yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, round cut diamond cuban link bracelets. These cuban link bracelets look to be between 10mm and 12mm in width and are set with round cut diamonds in a miami style as opposed the squared edge prong cuban link bracelets which have been steadily gaining in popularity. 

The scene after is interrupted by Young Dolph noticing Key Glock and asking him "Where did you come from fool" the pair are often known to hang out together but this seems like a surprise meeting between the two longtime friends/cousins. 

The crew at IceBox asks Glock where he keeps his jewelry noticing it wasnt on him and he answers by saying he keeps it in his backpack. The crew then gifts Key Glock with a brand new jewelry case to better care for his jewelry.

Key Glock then notices a $180,000 Jacob & Co. bust down watch that is set in black, yellow and white diamonds in a zebra like pattern. This watch is both unique and stands out from a typical timepiece worn by most artists. This piece is a true trendsetter that stands in a league of its own and further draws attention to the unique styles Glock chooses to embrace. After viewing the watch we are shown a custom diamond vvs ring set in baguettes and round cut diamonds featuring the P.R.E. Paper Route Empire logo that Key Glock and Young Dolph represent. This ring is cast in Yellow Gold and features White Gold letters on the edges.

Young Dolph and Key Glock's trip to IceBox although brief was a great insight into what jewelry items, gold color and style that the pair like and incorporate into their daily wear. Watch the video below to see Young Dolph and Key Glock's full trip as well as the jewelry they decided to purchase. If you're looking to shine as hard as Young Dolph and Key Glock, Shop Gold Presidents. The #1 Hip Hop Jewelry provider online!


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