avril 21, 2024

Drake and J. Cole's "First Person Shooter" music video has sparked excitement among fans, not just for its star-studded cameos, but also for its dazzling jewelry. Once again, Drake has teamed up with renowned jeweler Nadine Ghosn for a jaw-dropping piece that has everyone talking.

In his latest display of opulence, Drake showcases a stunning 50-carat diamond dog leash chain, crafted with 2 kilograms of 18K white gold. Nadine Ghosn took to Instagram to share a closer look at the masterpiece, revealing that the chain weighs over 4 pounds.

In her post, she expressed gratitude for the opportunity to create something extraordinary, stating, "Thank you for giving us a chance to make something cool and incredible. 'Unleashed' For All the Dogs." She also thanked her skilled craftsmen for their dedication and hard work.

In the music video, viewers catch glimpses of Drake's lyrics, including "Nadine," which manifest on a dog collar. Ghosn responded to the reference on her Instagram, expressing her appreciation with a simple yet meaningful message: "Not sure if it is a shout out but I will take it."

This isn't the first time Drake has collaborated with Nadine Ghosn for a lavish accessory. Previously, he commissioned an 18K dog bone chain to celebrate the release of his album, For All the Dogs.

Drake's penchant for extravagant jewelry is well-known in the hip-hop world, and his latest creation is no exception. With its stunning design and impeccable craftsmanship, the 50-carat diamond dog leash chain is sure to turn heads and solidify Drake's status as a trendsetter in the rap industry.

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