mai 08, 2024

After dropping the music video for his hit track “In My Feelings,” Drake's flashy grills stole the spotlight, leaving fans intrigued about their origin and cost.

The attention-grabbing set of grills, prominently featured in the video, caught the eye of many viewers, particularly due to the noticeable lisp they caused in the rapper's speech.

Recent reports suggest that these shiny accessories may have set Drake back a whopping $14,000 USD. According to TMZ, Drake made a last-minute request to jeweler for the grills just four days before the video shoot.

In an unusual move, Drake specifically asked for the grills to be made from pure platinum and 18k gold, materials not typically used for such accessories.

Despite the rush order, Ben Baller, known for catering to celebrity clientele, completed the custom grills within an astonishing 36 hours, ensuring they were ready for the video shoot.

The decision to opt for such high-quality materials for the grills adds to their allure, making them stand out even more in the music video. Drake's attention to detail and desire for authenticity in representing New Orleans culture through his attire is commendable, showcasing his commitment to artistic integrity.

Fans can catch a glimpse of Drake sporting these luxurious grills in the music video for “In My Feelings,” where they serve as a bold and extravagant accessory that complements the song's upbeat vibe.

Drake's willingness to invest in unique and eye-catching pieces for his music videos further solidifies his status as a trendsetter in the world of hip-hop fashion. With his ability to effortlessly blend style and substance, Drake continues to captivate audiences and set new standards in the industry.

As fans eagerly anticipate Drake's next artistic endeavors, they can't help but admire his penchant for pushing boundaries and making bold statements through his music and visuals.

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