febrero 24, 2024

In a fiery exchange on Thursday night, YBN Nahmir and Adin Ross found themselves at odds over a proposed boxing match. The tension between the two escalated quickly, with Nahmir accusing Ross of offering him a meager sum for his participation.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Nahmir wasted no time in calling out Ross, questioning his recent spending on a high-profile collaboration. "Ain’t you the same n**ga that just paid $2 million for a n**ga to sit next to you?" Nahmir queried, alluding to Ross' deal with Playboi Carti. He went on to express his disdain for what he perceived as inadequate compensation, scoffing at Ross' offer of $20,000 and dismissing any notion of free promotion.

Ross swiftly hit back during his livestream on Kick, vehemently rejecting Nahmir's demands. "You’re not worth $100,000. You fell off. You suck at music" Ross asserted, unapologetically critiquing Nahmir's perceived decline in relevance. The broadcaster went on to berate Nahmir, labeling him as insignificant and financially strapped, further exacerbating the rift between the two.

Unsurprisingly, Nahmir was quick to retaliate, lashing out at Ross during an Instagram Live session. He admonished Ross for his derogatory comments and accused him of attempting to backtrack on his insults. The tension reached a boiling point as Nahmir issued a stern warning, emphasizing that disrespect would not go unanswered.

Nahmir's rise to fame began with viral hits like "I Got a Stick" and "Rubbin Off the Paint," which earned him a record deal with Atlantic Records. Despite early success, his debut album, VISIONLAND, failed to resonate with audiences, garnering lukewarm reviews and underwhelming sales figures.

Meanwhile, Ross has steadily climbed the ranks of online streaming personalities, attracting a diverse array of guests to his platform. With notable appearances from industry heavyweights like Rick Ross, 21 Savage, and Chris Brown, Ross has solidified his position as a prominent figure in the digital realm.

The clash between Nahmir and Ross underscores the ever-present drama and competition within the hip-hop community, serving as a reminder of the complexities that come with navigating fame and success in the industry.

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