marzo 11, 2024

Drake, the renowned rapper and avid sports bettor, is making headlines once again with his latest high-stakes wager. Putting up a whopping $615,000, Drake is backing MMA legend Francis Ngannou in his upcoming boxing match against Anthony Joshua. If Ngannou emerges victorious, Drake stands to pocket nearly $2 million from his bet.

Ngannou, known for his ferocious fighting style, recently made the transition from MMA to boxing under a new contract with the Professional Fighters League (PFL). On the other hand, Joshua boasts an impressive resume as a former unified heavyweight champion and Olympic gold medalist. Despite Ngannou's formidable skills, oddsmakers still consider him the underdog in this matchup.

However, Drake's track record with sports betting hasn't always been smooth sailing. In January, he faced a $700,000 loss when Dricus du Plessis defeated Sean Strickland via split decision at UFC 297. Despite a valiant effort from Strickland, du Plessis claimed the middleweight title in a closely contested bout. Drake would have walked away with $1.4 million had Strickland emerged victorious.

In other news, Drake recently took to social media to make a unique request to the Canadian government. Ahead of his performance in Buffalo, Drake appealed for the annexation of the city into Canada for a day. His aim was to allow friends who were unable to travel due to restrictions to attend his concert. However, the Canadian government has yet to respond to Drake's request.

Buffalo, often referred to as "not Canada" due to its proximity to the Canadian border, has become a familiar destination for musicians and sports teams alike. The city's accessibility and size make it an ideal tour stop, particularly for artists like Drake. Despite the ongoing uncertainty surrounding travel restrictions, Drake remains committed to delivering memorable performances to his fans, wherever they may be.

As Drake continues to navigate the world of sports betting and music, fans eagerly anticipate the outcome of his latest wager and the success of his upcoming performances. With his undeniable talent and entrepreneurial spirit, Drake continues to leave an indelible mark on both the rap and sports industries.

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