abril 18, 2024

Kodak Black was recently surprised with a stunning custom glow-in-the-dark diamond chain to celebrate the success of his hit track "Super Gremlin." The rapper received the lavish gift while performing at a Miami nightclub over the weekend.

Jeweler from TraxNYC, known for his exquisite designs, personally delivered the chain to Kodak on stage. The inspiration behind the piece came from Kodak's producer, who spotted it on TraxNYC's website and felt it perfectly complemented the vibe of "Super Gremlin."

The chain, adorned with orange diamonds and diamond chains, boasts impressive specifications including 30 pointers, 24 inches in length, and VS1 clarity with G color. Designed to glow in the dark, the chain added an extra element of flair to Kodak's performance as he captivated the crowd with his chart-topping hit.

However, the excitement surrounding the custom chain was overshadowed by controversy when designer 1800 Laboratories accused TraxNYC of stealing the design. 1800 Laboratories claimed that the design was originally created for HK Billy, sparking a heated exchange between the parties involved.

In response, he expressed his belief that the chain ending up in the hands of a "superstar" like Kodak was a blessing. He also expressed his willingness to resolve the dispute amicably and address any misunderstandings that may have arisen.

Meanwhile, Kodak's success continues to soar with "Super Gremlin" climbing the Billboard Hot 100 charts, marking his third single to achieve top 10 status. The achievement garnered praise from fellow rapper Drake, who hailed Kodak as a trailblazer for both the current and future generations of hip-hop.

Kodak's rise to fame and his undeniable impact on the rap scene underscore his significance as a leading figure in the industry. As he continues to dominate the charts and capture the hearts of fans worldwide, Kodak's legacy as a hip-hop icon only continues to grow.

The custom chain serves as a symbol of Kodak's success and his unwavering influence in the world of hip-hop, solidifying his status as a trendsetter and visionary in the genre.

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