August 03, 2020

Jewelry will always be one of the most preferable gifts to give anyone whether it is your wedding anniversary or it is your first gift to your “significate other”. Jewelry can be the thing that completes your outfit when you choose any type of jewelry you may likely to think about how it looks with your outfit and what should it reflect. A great piece of jewelry you wear reflects your sense of buying.

Jewelry is the type of accessories that have a higher rate of durability and may last for a life-time or even become a part of your family tradition. If you are planning to gift someone a  necklace with his/her name on it. You may find it difficult to think because your relationship might depend on just this piece of accessory or it will become a symbol of your relationship. If someone is special for you then they deserve something special too and what could be better than name necklace, it always to keep them remembering that it is just for him/her.


Name necklace is a meaningful and worthwhile gift, it expresses your internal emotions for the one you are gifting it to, it might be a gift for your siblings, childhood friends, or for ideal days like birthdays, Mother's Day or as Christmas present. It might also be a good gift if your loved one is traveling far from you; it will let that person remember you even when you are miles away it will not let him/her forget about you.

You can also get a custom name necklace for your children to show your love and care for them. They will love to wear it and keep it safe throughout his life-time or will be passed to their children and become a family symbol.

What to engrave on the name necklace?

So, here's a question about what should be engraved on the necklace, it might be the initials of your special one or the name you like to call him/her. It's your choice what to do to add impact on your gift, just try to figure out, you can also have your name on it, just to let him/her remember you.

You can also have your initials combined with his/her initials, and what should be a perfect gift than this. Especially for couples, they might get an infinity name necklace or have a love symbol between the names on it.

what type of name necklace are available?

Multiple categories of custom name necklaces are available with different variations in font styles, metals, colors, and designs. You can customize one relevant to your taste. Some of the customizations include Name font panels attached to a pendant or letters of your name engraved on the panel. But just keep in mind that it will look good on him/her so you will get an appreciation, if it is for her, she could say "It is the best gift, I'll keep it safe as a symbol of our love".  So, always keep in mind his/her favorite color and font-style to suit all dress codes

How much is a custom name necklace?

The cost of custom name pendant depends on the material and font style. You can get a classic mini name necklace in around just $50  and a more stylish presidential name necklace in around $150. Or you might be planning to get a gold-coated necklace, so you'll be extra charge for the material based on current gold rate, but believe me, Name necklace is not an accessory to be purchased but an investment, so one can be appreciated. 

Final Words

Name necklace is an ideal choice whether you are planning to give someone a gift that he/she will remember for the rest of their life or make you remind of a specific event in the past, it could serve multiple purposes whatever you may wish on it. Just make sure you have fun designing it and give everything that defines your true emotions as there is no such limit for personalizing your customized necklace. So, hurry and get one!

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