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Everything You Should Know About Number Pendants

Finding the right chain necklace can be a hassle for many people. Whether you're looking for 10k gold or any other material, there are several websites with different options for you to choose from.

Our goal at Gold Presidents is to create a list of custom pendants that you can adjust to fit your needs, budget, and style. Once you sign up for our website, you'll be able to take a look at all the details, lengths, and any other information surrounding each number pendant or chain necklace.

Keep reading if you want to know more about how you can place an order for your favorite number pendant/chain necklace with us!

What Is a Number Pendant/Chain Necklace?

A number pendant is often seen as a statement accessory, so if you wear one, you must ensure that they're stunning to look at. Other people purchase their number pendant or chain necklace for spiritual value. In this particular case, a number pendant includes any number that may represent something for you. 

The number pendant can have any number, design, or color you choose. Moreover, the number can represent any important number for you, whether it's your birth month/day, anniversary, or just your lucky number!

One of the best things about the number pendant piece is that you can get it in several different materials, such as 10k gold. In our case, our material options include 18k gold, 

which will definitely make those numbers shine!

A Number Pendant Includes:

  • Your numbers of choosing
  • Decorative stones
  • Your color of choosing

Moreover, you can pair up your pendant with a chain necklace so that you can show it proudly over your neck.

Are Number Pendants Suitable for Both Men and Women?

Absolutely! A number pendant/chain necklace is genderless, so you don't have to worry about it not looking good on you. Some athletes even get these pendants to show off a significant number for them, as well as popular artists.

Our team at Gold Presidents offers different fonts you can choose for your pendants, so you may get one that fits your particular style. Your number pendant should be something that you feel proud to show off, so choose carefully!

Keep in mind that a number pendant is a versatile jewelry piece, so you may wear it at work, parties, or regular meetings! As long as you're comfortable wearing your number pendant, you're good to go. 

While it's not strictly necessary to wear your number pendant as a necklace, many people prefer to get it that way. People will be more likely to see your number pendant when you have it as a necklace, and you will also have easy access to it, so you can take a look at your beautiful jewelry piece at any time you consider appropriate.

Is a Number Pendant a Good Gift Option?

Yes! A number pendant paired with a beautiful chain necklace can be the perfect gift for someone you love or appreciate. Considering our products are customized, you will certainly find a number pendant/chain necklace that fits your needs for a reasonable price.

Some people may think that a number pendant made out of 10k gold or any other similar materials can be "too much." However, these materials are much more accessible now than they were before, so if you want to make a truly unique gift for someone, a number pendant and a necklace can be the perfect pair.

What Kinds of Products Can You Browse for at Gold Presidents?

Our number pendant selection aims to offer you unique style options for men, women, artists, athletes, and any other person. Once you get into our website, you can check the specific details for each product, as well as reviews, shipping information, and more.

If you're convinced of your product selection, you can sign up for an account, place an order with our team, and fill out the required shipping information. It's vital to note that shipping lengths may vary since our custom chains can take from four to six weeks to get crafted by our team.

In essence, our pendant selection includes:

  • Western font number necklace
  • Baguette number necklace
  • Custom paint font number necklace
  • Custom yellow gold block number necklace

You can pair your pendant with up to a 4mm rope chain. Once you find your favorite product, feel free to place your order! We're working on expanding our offer for necklaces, so make sure to keep an eye out for new additions.

Who Can Wear Pendant Necklaces?

Throughout history, a pendant/necklace has been thought to fit tall people better. However, that doesn't mean that shorter people can't wear one! If you're below 5'4", we recommend getting a chain that will make the pendant sit above your collarbone; that way, the pendant won't interfere with the rest of your outfit.

As for the chain, try to choose a simple one, as the pendant will already be shiny and noticeable enough. In the end, it's all about finding the perfect balance so that you can create the perfect outfits. On the other hand, if you get a simple pendant, then you could pair it up with a more visible and stylish chain.

If you're looking for a good chain, some popular options include:

  • Cable
  • Figaro
  • Cubr
  • Wheat
  • Box

Typically, snake chains are too delicate for pendants, so keep that in mind when placing your order.

Can You Wear Two or More Pendants at Once?

Absolutely, but you must make sure they look balanced according to your outfit. Most people who mix pendants and chains tend to seek different weights or lengths. If you use the same length and weight for both pendants, then you risk them getting tangled up, which will make your outfit look bad.

Still, if you're unsure of what pendant option will suit your needs the best, you can seek help from our team! We have a dedicated customer support section that will walk you through the most appropriate options according to your needs. Remember that our products are customized, so we want to ensure that they look as great as possible!

Do You Offer Anything Else Besides Number Pendants?

Yes. Our custom pendant selection also includes letters, names, and even pictures or shapes! You may also find products in 10k gold, which is one of the most common materials that people request.

We know how complicated choosing the right product can be, so feel free to browse every product specification page, look at the reviews, and get the pendant that best suits your needs. On the other hand, if you're looking for other kinds of jewelry, feel free to browse the rest of our website.