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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Chain Pendant?

Necklaces are amazing and offer many benefits. These include:

Add Personality to Your Outfit

Necklaces can add another element to your style. Though they are often small, they draw attention to the neck and can complete any look. Shop to find your favorites today!

Highlight Your Features

Necklaces can highlight your best features. For example, shorter necklaces highlight the neck area, but longer ones might show off your cleavage or draw attention to the waist.

Add Color 

Our necklaces can be bold or simple, and you can coordinate them with your outfits. For example, theGummy Bear Pendant with a black ensemble looks stunning!


When you shop or browse our necklaces, you know you're getting something long-lasting. We use .925 sterling silver, white rhodium, and 14-18K gold plating for all of our necklaces. Shop now to experience the Gold Presidents' difference!

Easy to Maintain 

Necklaces can often take a beating and still look amazing. We recommend that you don't pull on them or wear them at night for the best results. Please shop our store to find interesting necklaces for any occasion!

What Chain Works Best for Pendants?

Pendants often work well with a simple chain, such as box, wheat, curb, Figaro, and cable styles. Most of ours are thicker, and you can even purchase pendants and change the one on your current chain.

What's the Difference Between a Chain and a Pendant?

The pendant is the item that hangs from the necklace. The chain is a type of necklace made of steel, silver, or gold. You can shop for various necklaces and even filter your results to change things up!

Are There Differences Between Necklaces and Pendants?

Necklaces are pieces of jewelry that go around the neck, but a pendant is the small part that hangs off the necklace itself. 

Some people believe that necklaces are shorter than pendants, but that's not always the case. Generally, if necklaces have a removable gem or design, they are pendants.

How Do I Filter the Results to Items I Want?

The filter selections are to the left of the items shown. You can change them based on your needs. Whether you want to search by price, category, or material, we offer those options in our online shop.

While you can't filter the search results by color, we do offer "material," which indicates the type of metal used for the pendants. Shop for all of your favorites today!

Do You Sell Necklaces in My Country?

Our shop sells pendants and other necklaces internationally and domestically. However, it takes longer to deliver to other countries.

Why Are Your Chains so Wide?

When you shop for necklaces on our site, you generally see thicker chains than normal. They are often adorned with gems for that shine and excitement you crave (the bling).

However, our shop also offers pendants alone or smaller chains for some items. Therefore, you can pick and choose what will look best on your body. 

For example, theButterfly Necklace features a smaller chain and pendant because it's for a woman. Meanwhile, theLarge Clustered Cross is thicker because it's for a man.