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Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Diamond Earring Options are Available?

We craft diamond earrings in a series of style options. These include:

Stud earrings, Hoop earrings, Drop earrings, Cluster earrings Feel free to have a look at the different styles we have available.

Whether it's a simple pair of diamond studs or a pair of elaborate diamond hoop earrings, we have you covered!

What's the Regular Price for Diamond Earrings?

There isn't necessarily a regular price for diamond earrings from Gold Presidents. As you browse, you'll realize that from one pair of earrings to the next, the cost is different. That's because the process used, the style selected, the materials needed, as well as other factors, go into the final cost that the client will see.

For example, our simple diamond stud earrings will cost significantly less than our diamond cluster drop earrings.

We encourage you to browse the different items we can craft and select one that aligns with both your budget and your style well.

How Long Will My Diamond Earrings Take to Be Ready?

At Gold Presidents, we want to ensure that your diamond earrings, whether they be made of 10k gold,14k gold, 18k gold, etc., are the epitome of perfection. We understand that you want to start wearing your earrings as soon as possible, but they must meet the required quality standards.

Therefore, the wait time will usually be several weeks. When you visit the product page for the item you're interested in, it will indicate the wait time range. For example, the diamond hoop earrings we craft tend to take 4-6 weeks to be ready.

Which Materials Can Be Used to Make Diamond Earrings?

We can craft diamond earrings using various material types such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, etc. Some products, such as our diamond stud earrings, are available in multiple material types and you'll be allowed to select whichever suits you.

Be sure to look at the product page to ensure you understand what will be shipped as some products may require you to have your own earring backs.

Are There Any Guarantees on the Diamond Earrings?

Every pair of diamond earrings we create is backed by our lifetime guarantee. After all, besides great-looking and high-quality jewelry, we also aim to create a satisfying and memorable customer experience.

The guarantee covers every occurrence of damage, fading, or breakage that is a result of the normal wear and tear process. Should this happen, you are entitled to a replacement. Note that the new item is the same make and style as the original.

We will only allow you to choose a different item if we have stopped producing the damaged one. The new piece of jewelry must have the same or a lower value than the one being replaced.

Note, however, that we will only recreate the same diamond earrings once. Beyond that, a price of $45 will be required. For reference, non-custom items are allowed three replacements.

Can I Wear My Diamond Earrings in the Shower?

Whether diamond earrings are made of 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, or even 24k gold, wearing them in the shower is mostly no problem. Genuine jewelry isn't painted. However, should you continue to take them into the shower with you, there is the risk of reducing the shine over time.

The same applies to wearing them during exercise consistently. As strong as gold is, you do still need to ensure you take care of it well and keep it clean.


Can I Return Gold Presidents Diamond Earrings?

We are aware that the price of diamond earrings, etc., is quite an investment. Additionally, we understand that there may be circumstances that necessitate a return.

Therefore, we handle returns and replacements so long as this process is initiated within 30 days of the original purchase. However, the item must be either defective or damaged upon your receipt for us to accept it.

Circumstances may see us allowing a one-time exchange of an item because of its particulars. The new item must be the same price and there's an additional $15 cost for shipping and handling.

Are There Different Shipping Options That Will Affect the Pricing?

Yes. When you're ordering your diamond earrings, you can choose from one of several shipping options, which are:

Express Standard Free The express option will see your diamond earrings arrive within 3-5 days, the standard will yield 4-7 days, and free will yield 7-14 days.

International shipping is a bit of a different case. Standard items (this subset excludes custom diamond earrings) would typically require a separate insurance purchase internationally, but diamond earrings will be shipped via registered delivery and will be fully insured.

Bear in mind that you need to add all this to the time taken to prepare your diamond earrings. They take 10-15 days to process. Remember they're one of a kind and still need to meet quality standards.

Is It a Good Idea to Wear My Jewelry to Bed?

Wearing your diamond earrings to bed is not the worst idea in the world. After all, our brand is a hub for authentic products, so it certainly won't be making your ears green. However, we typically recommend against doing so.

The first problem is that you could end up scratching yourself, someone else, or your furniture in your sleep. On that note, you also don't want to be hitting your earrings against anything while you sleep.

Next, if you have a lot of hair, the type of earrings you have may be conducive to getting caught in it.