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Frequently Asked Questions about Hoop Earrings

What are the Different Types of Hoop Earrings?

Gold Presidents offers a diverse selection of hoop earrings, crafted from various materials and featuring an array of styles to suit individual preferences. Our collection includes:

  • Classic gold hoops
  • Diamond-encrusted hoops
  • Geometric designs
  • Various sizes and thicknesses

Feel free to browse our extensive range of hoop earrings, and remember that the images displayed are for reference. Many of these designs can be further customized to ensure that our brand aligns with your personal style.

What's the Typical Price Range for Hoop Earrings?

There isn't a fixed price range for hoop earrings from Gold Presidents, as each design varies in cost. Factors influencing the final price include the materials used, the crafting process, and the chosen style.

For example, our simple gold hoop earrings will likely cost less than our diamond-encrusted hoop earrings. We encourage you to explore our collection and find a pair that suits both your budget and your style preferences.

What Materials Are Gold Presidents Hoop Earrings Made Of?

Gold Presidents hoop earrings are crafted from a variety of high-quality materials, such as:

  • Yellow gold
  • White gold
  • Rose gold
  • Sterling silver
  • Diamonds

Are There Any Guarantees on Gold Presidents Hoop Earrings?

All Gold Presidents hoop earrings come with a lifetime guarantee, as we strive to create not only stunning and high-quality jewelry but also a satisfying and memorable customer experience.

Our guarantee covers any damage, fading, or breakage that occurs as a result of normal wear and tear. In such cases, you are entitled to a replacement. Please note that the replacement item will be of the same make and style as the original.

If the damaged item is no longer in production, we will allow you to choose a different item of equal or lesser value.


How Do I Choose the Right Size Hoop Earrings for My Face Shape?

Selecting the right size hoop earrings depends on your face shape and personal style preferences. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Round face: Opt for elongated or oval-shaped hoop earrings to create the illusion of a longer, more balanced face.
  • Square face: Choose round or curved hoop earrings to soften angular features.
  • Heart-shaped face: Go for smaller hoop earrings or those with a teardrop shape to complement your facial structure.
  • Oval face: Most hoop earring styles will suit an oval face, so feel free to experiment with various designs.

Remember that these are only guidelines, and the most important factor is choosing hoop earrings that make you feel confident and stylish.

How Do I Clean and Maintain My Hoop Earrings?

Proper care and maintenance of your hoop earrings are essential for preserving their shine and longevity. Follow these tips for cleaning and storing your earrings:

  1. Clean your hoop earrings regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove dirt and oils.
  2. For a deeper clean, use a gentle jewelry cleaner or a mixture of mild soap and warm water. Gently scrub the earrings with a soft-bristle toothbrush, then rinse and pat dry.
  3. Store your hoop earrings separately
  1. Avoid exposing your hoop earrings to harsh chemicals, such as chlorine or cleaning products, which can damage the metal and gemstones.

  2. Remove your hoop earrings before swimming, showering, or engaging in activities that may cause them to come into contact with water or sweat.

  3. Have your hoop earrings professionally inspected and cleaned periodically, especially if they feature diamonds or other gemstones. This ensures that the stones remain secure and the earrings retain their original shine.


Can I Return or Exchange Gold Presidents Hoop Earrings?

We understand that purchasing hoop earrings can be a significant investment, and there may be instances where a return or exchange is necessary. Gold Presidents accepts returns and exchanges on hoop earrings within 30 days of the original purchase, provided that the items are defective or damaged upon receipt.

In certain cases, we may allow a one-time exchange for an item of equal value, subject to an additional $15 shipping and handling fee.

What Shipping Options Are Available for Gold Presidents Hoop Earrings?

When ordering your hoop earrings from Gold Presidents, you can choose from several shipping options:

  • Express: Your hoop earrings will arrive within 3-5 days.
  • Standard: Your hoop earrings will arrive within 4-7 days.
  • Free: Your hoop earrings will arrive within 7-14 days.

For international shipping, please note that additional fees may apply, and delivery times may vary depending on your location.