September 07, 2023

If you're in the market for a diamond, knowing the potential price range you can expect to pay is extremely helpful when budgeting and shopping. Our user-friendly diamond price calculator gives you an easy way to estimate the cost of diamonds based on their qualities.

What Variables Does the Calculator Consider?

Our calculator lets you input details for the 4Cs - cut, color, clarity, and carat weight - to generate an estimated price range.

Cut - You can select cut grades from Ideal to Poor. An excellent cut will add more value than a fair or poor one.

Color - Choose from colorless (D-F) to light yellow or brown (K-Z) based on GIA color grading. Whiter diamonds cost more per carat.

Clarity - Options range from flawless to heavy inclusions. Diamonds with fewer or smaller inclusions have higher prices.

Carat Weight - Carat significantly impacts price, especially at 1 carat and above. You can enter any decimal weight.

Shape - Round, princess, oval, and cushion shapes often have higher prices than fancy shapes.

Certification - GIA and AGS certified diamonds can demand higher premiums.

How to Use Our Calculator:

  1. Enter your desired diamond characteristics for the 4Cs, shape and certification.
  2. The calculator will instantly generate an estimated price range for diamonds matching those criteria.
  3. Try alternate combinations of quality traits to see impact on price.
  4. Use the output ranges to budget and compare diamond costs when shopping.

Benefits of Our Diamond Price Calculator:

  • Quickly estimate potential diamond prices for your budget
  • Model different quality scenarios to maximize value
  • Get an idea of price differences between diamond grades
  • Identify average costs from our aggregated pricing data
  • Arm yourself with knowledge before purchasing

Understanding the factors that influence diamond prices is key. Our calculator makes it fast and easy to analyze diamond costs so you can shop informed and confidently.

Try our diamond price estimator and start budgeting for the perfect diamond today!

Diamond Price Calculator

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