June 10, 2021

Although diamonds have always been a gemstone to symbolize love, wealth, and luxury, there are many misconceptions about their existence. To learn more about interesting facts and myths about diamonds, continue reading our blog.

Fact: Diamonds are more than a billion years old

Diamonds develop 100 miles below the Earth's surface. Natural-occurring carbon mixed with the intense pressure below the Earth's surface forms these gemstones. Due to this natural wonder, diamonds have been around for a long, long time. In fact, it's estimated that the world's oldest diamonds ar over three billion years old.

Since these rocks are composed of pure carbon, their durable quality makes their lifespan even more impressive. 

Fact: Ancient Greeks and Romans believed diamonds were the tears of the gods

If you've ever wondered why diamonds are so often used as a symbol of love, the answer originates far back into the ancient world. When the Greeks and Romans first found diamonds, they believed diamonds were tears from the gods.

They also believe that diamonds could be pieces of fallen stars that had descended from the sky. Romans believed that Cupid placed diamonds at the ends of his arrows before shooting them. This imagery is one of the earliest examples of how diamonds were associated with expressing love for another person.

Myth: All Diamonds are natural

While diamonds are a naturally occurring substance, not all diamonds are natural. Many diamonds are synthetically produced. However, synthetic diamonds are not diamond dupes.

In fact, advances in science and technology have made it possible to recreate the intense pressure below the Earth's surface to create these diamonds. So, while these diamonds may not originate from the Earth's inner core, their shine is no less luxurious.

Myth: Diamonds last forever

While it's a nice notion that diamonds last forever, this statement is a common myth. Since diamonds are proven to be the strongest gemstone on Earth, many people believe diamonds will last forever once they're formed. However, over time, diamonds will eventually degrade to graphite. The good news is that this scientific degradation process takes billions of years to fully complete. So, while diamonds will likely survive our lifetime, they will not last forever.

Diamonds are truly miraculously occurring substances. It's no wonder these gemstones have so many facts and myths about their creation. The next time you choose diamonds for your iced-out chains or necklaces, keep in mind some of these interesting facts and myths about diamonds.

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