What are Heart Shaped Diamonds?

September 17, 2023

The heart is universally recognized as a symbol of love and romance. A heart shaped diamond's unique and alluring outline beautifully embodies these meanings, making it a sought-after choice for engagement rings and pendants. This guide provides an in-depth look at heart shaped diamonds.

History of the Heart Shaped Diamond

Diamonds have been fashioned into heart shapes since the 15th century. But early heart cuts lacked precision with irregular, shallow cuts and wide variation in proportions.

By the 1700s, diamond cutters developed improved wheeling techniques to achieve more consistent heart outlines and angles. The modern heart cut took shape in the 1960s with advanced faceting arrangements.

The distinctive shape grew popular in the 1990s after major brands like Tiffany launched heart shaped diamond collections. Today, the heart cut remains a top choice for expressing sentimentality.

How Heart Shaped Diamonds Are Cut

While less common than rounds or squares, heart shaped diamonds require experienced hands to cut.

Faceting specifications:

  • Outline of symmetrical heart shape
  • Round brilliant-style faceting
  • 59 total facets
  • Culet at pointed end
  • Large table, high crown, deep pavilion
  • Ideal length-to-width ratio of 1.00

Well-proportioned hearts exhibit light return through the table and crown reminiscent of rounds, with showers of rainbow sparkle.

A skilled cut transforms the difficult heart shape into a breathtaking interplay of faceted squares and triangles emanating kaleidoscopic fire.

Grading Heart Shaped Diamond Quality

Like other fancy shapes, heart diamonds are graded by the 4Cs:

  • Cut – A well-proportioned heart cut has 59 facets with a 1.00 length-to-width ratio. Choose Excellent or Very Good cut.
  • Clarity – SI1 or better optimizes sparkle while hiding inclusions.
  • Color – Near colorless grades G-J face up bright and maximize value.
  • Carat – 0.50-1.00 carats best highlights the intricate shape.

Hearts over 1 carat retain substantial face-up presence while minimizing inclusions. Due to the difficulty achieving ideal cut, opt for quality over size when evaluating heart diamonds.

Ideal Settings for Heart Shaped Diamonds

Heart shaped diamonds maximize impact when simply showcased:

  • Solitaire – Four-prong setting highlights the shape.
  • Side Stones – Paired with tapered baguettes or triangle stones.
  • Pendant – Suspended in a delicate bail allows it to dangle freely.
  • Halo - Micropavé surrounds the heart center elegantly.

Let the distinctive heart silhouette stand out against a clean, minimalist background.

Heart Shaped Diamond Prices

Price ranges for an ideal 1 carat heart diamond:

  • D color, IF clarity, Excellent cut - $7,500
  • G color, VS2 clarity, Very Good cut - $4,100
  • J color, SI1 clarity, Good cut - $3,200

Well-made heart diamonds command a slight premium above princess cuts due to the expertise required to craft the shape.

Heart Diamond FAQs

Does a heart diamond sparkle like a round brilliant?

Hearts exhibit exceptional brilliance, though slightly below rounds due to their shape. Optimal cutting creates lively flashes of light.

Do hearts show color more than other shapes?

Some warmth can be visible at the point. Stay within G-J color range for excellent value while maintaining bright white appearance.

Does the intricate shape affect durability?

With protected prongs and optimal symmetry, heart diamonds remain reasonably durable for daily wear when set properly in jewelry.

Why are heart diamonds more expensive?

More labor and expertise is required to facet hearts precisely. Demand for the romantic shape also drives up pricing somewhat. But overall they offer reasonable value.

Should I remove inclusions from a heart diamond?

No, hearts should only be minimally enhanced to improve transparency while retaining structural integrity. Avoid heavily treated heart diamonds with surface reaching inclusions removed.

The heart cut's rarity, craftsmanship and sentimentality add to its allure in jewelry. When expertly proportioned, heart shaped diamonds unleash wondrous interplays of light symbolizing love's radiance.

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