October 06, 2022

A big shout out to the guys who want to improve their jewelry choices by getting earrings! With the world being more open to ear piercings, especially on men, such progress and liberation make the world a truly great place to live. We have seen the popularity of stud earrings on guys back in the ’80s that ladies have a hard time not swooning over. But where are we on this trend exactly? Don’t worry because we can assure you that this year, we are still in the game of men'searrings in 2023, and they are back with a bang! 

Stud Men’s Earrings

Stud earrings on men are considered classic earrings. They are chic and minimal yet give off a sexy vibe. Like women’s studs, they have many styles as well. Some would prefer plain metal studs, and some would want a diamond stud earring for that extra bling.

Hoop Earrings

In the past, men favored studs the most since they are a terrific complement to your style while being understated and having a minimalistic approach. But as time goes on and fashion trends develop, men, buyhoops as well. And who doesn't love a confident man who appreciates his style?

Dangly Men’s Earrings

Dangly earrings on men show how modern jewelry has no gender in the old days.Men are embracing dangly earrings lately; famous ones are the hoops and a dangling cross. Some would wear one dangly earring on one ear with a stud on the other or just have them on both ears. Like the ladies, some dangly earring styles fit more on fancier occasions, but some even wear this for casual wear.

Barbell Men’s Earrings

There are a few types of barbell earrings. The straight barbell has a straight post with a bead on both ends like a barbell. There is also a curved barbell earring with pieces of bead on both sides; however, it has a curved pole. The curve would depend on your earring placement. Some use this type on their eyebrows, lips, tongue, or their ear cartilage.

Novelty Men’s Earrings

Some would have never imagined a time that men would be able to embrace this beautiful jewelry style. It is not everybody’s cup of tea but a great statement piece of jewelry, especially for those dressy occasions you wish to stand out. This style has its personality and vibe that is a definite eye-candy and a head-turner. For long and dangly novelty earrings, it is best to be worn by round-shaped faces to accentuate the length of their face rather than the width. Have your earrings customized atGold Presidents to cater to your style?

Plug Men’s Earrings

Bullet holes or spacers are other names for plug earrings. You put it in your pierced ear as a solid cylinder-shaped earring. The piercing hole rapidly enlarges over time; therefore, this is worn on the ear, where it creates a tunnel-like hole. Some would keep stretching it and alter the earring size afterward to stretch it more. While it may not be everyone's style, this jewelry complements your streetwear outfits. You either love or hate the distinct personality of this style.

Clip-On Earrings

This one has people who may have a problem getting pierced but still want to be able to relate to the jewelry game. The invention of the clip-on earring was a genius move that instantly rose to popularity. These are the earrings you just clip on your ear as if you had them pierced.


A significant factor you have to take note of when purchasing the earring style that could suit you best is your face shape. For the rounder-shaped faces, you might want to do less with the studs and try a few dangly earrings to avoid focusing on the width of your face. In opposition to this, for those with longer face shapes, go with the round-styled earrings to add width to your face and not elongate it more. 

Also, the placement and style of an earring do not define your gender. So, if you can rock it, wear it!

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