May 03, 2022

Celebrating Mother’s day will not be complete without any token or gift to show our gratitude towards them. Whether through a big or a small gesture, we make sure that this particular day is something that’s both memorable and extra special for them.

While flowers and message cards usually do the purpose of a good Mother’s day celebration, sometimes, the best (and longer lasting) gifts come in the shape of a sparkly pair of earrings or necklace. Yes, jewelries! What better way to surprise your mom than to gift them with a new piece of jewelry?

Now, if you’re looking for an online jewelry shop that offers a variety of option to ease your Mother’s day shopping needs, worry no more because Gold Presidents got you covered. Our women’s jewelry collection offers the most fashionable pieces - from different shades of gold to any cut of diamonds. We’re listing below some of our precious pieces that will definitely bring the “extra” in your Mother’s day celebration.



Gold Presidents has a selection of women’s necklaces that can be customized if you want it to be more sentimental and personal. Our women’s Cuban, tennis, and rope chains come in white, yellow, and rose gold. This clustered tennis necklace below is great for starters. As it’s in yellow gold, it can be paired in both casual or formal outfits for daily or special use.


We know that making your Mother’s day presents as personal as possible is your top priority. Gold Pres also offers other necklace customization through our wide variety of pendants - name necklaces, picture pendants, and number necklaces.



Another go-to gift pieces are bracelets which many believe as a symbol of close relationship with someone. Very common among friend groups are friendship bracelets that serve as their seal or bond. Similarly, mothers have been our first friend, so gifting them with a nice new bracelet for Mother’s day would be just fitting. Check out our diamond and gold bracelets that are among the flashiest and most loved today. We have several styles of yellow or white gold bracelets along with sparkly diamonds designed to turn heads.

This 7mm clustered heart tennis bracelet below is one of our few designs. It’s perfect fit for a casual everyday use. For an edgier look, you can try out our Women’s diamond Cuban link braceletdesigns. 



They say that the best way to finish off an outfit is through a pair of gorgeous earrings and Gold Presidents will not disappoint you when it comes to these small yet classy jewelry. We have a collection of gold and silver diamond earrings that will go well with whatever style you’d like. Go for the minimalist diamond stud earrings in classic or princess cut or a little bolder with gold hoop earrings.




Finally and probably the most convenient Mother’s day gift on this list: watches. Sometimes, moms are just too busy to wear their necklace, earrings, or bracelets, but would find time to put on their watch, so a good piece of watch is a good choice to gift them. Gold Pres has classic watch designs that mothers would definitely love!

Final Thoughts

While it is important that we love and appreciate our mothers everyday, it’s also not too much to make them feel a little extra special this Mother’s day. Gift them with something that lasts and something that they can cherish for long time. Visit Gold Presidents now!

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