December 19, 2022

Are gold chains for men back? 

Well, let us tell you something, they were never gone. We have seen trends, new, flexed, and flaunted from the runway to the streets this year. Gold chains never missed a beat and kept on top of trends no matter the season.

We have seen different styles, from chunky and slim, with pendants, to the famous jewelry stacking style that people revered. So, what are these gold chain styles for men that became popular this year? Keep reading and find out. 

Chunky Gold Chains

This year has seen a rise in chunky jewelry trends. Being large is the first choice. So, let’s look at men’s gold chain styles that have gained popularity from this trend.

Cuban Link Chain

Cuban link chains are a classic chain style, especially for men. It gives off a very rogue yet classy energy. Many people are confused about the Cuban link chain and the curb chain because of their distinct similarities. The difference is that curb link chains are flatter compared to the Cuban link chain.

Because of the round appearance of the Cuban link chain, they already look thick. However, the 2022 chunky jewelry trend made them even more chunky. Jay-z’s chunky Cuban link chain that weighed 11 pounds around his neck? It was both jaw-dropping and neck-breaking!

Mariner Link Chain

Also called theanchor chain, the mariner chain resembles the chains hooked on boats that are strongly linked with each other. They are oval-shaped with a line in the middle hoo in line together that creates a unique physique. It is a durable chain that compares to Cuban link chains’ strength. 

Gucci Mariner Chain Link

It is a new style combo of the mariner link chain and the Gucci chain that people love lately. They are durable and easy to maintain. If they are damaged, they can easily be fixed as well.

Rolo Chain Link

Rolo chains have a pretty simple pattern, yet a chunky version of this could outdo any other jewelry you are wearing. They are also called Belcher chain links. Rolo chains are created the same as cable chain links but with thick round-shaped pieces linked together. They are not flattened, which is why even with a normal-sized Rolo chain, it could still look big and chunky already.

Ball Chain Link

Also called a bead chain, the ball chain is familiar to people from the military as they are used to holding dog tags. They are a great chain style for streetwear jewelry and casual outfits. Surprisingly, with the chunky trend this year, we have seen chunky ball chains on the runway that people have never thought would look very trendy for winter wear.  

Slim Gold Chains

Large chains are in, but slim gold chains have never left us hanging. We have seen celebrities on the red carpet that still cannot fully embrace the maximalist taste of 2022 and still prefer the minimal.

Herringbone Chain

As the name suggests, aherringbone chain looks like the bones of a herring made up of two parallel rows of slanted V-shaped chains. When worn, it lays flat on your chest, which gives off a sleek and classy finish. 

The downside of this chain is that it is not durable and flexible. It can easily bend and catch certain types of clothing that you wear. Hence, this type of chain is not advisable to wear with a pendant. 

Cable Chain Link

It is the earliest chain style to rise in popularity. People prefer to wear this chain alone or with a pendant in a narrow and thin version. This chain link style is made up of oval links placed at a 90-degree angle to each other. It creates a uniform and clean look when you wear it around your neck. 

Snake Chain Link

As how it is named, this chain link style looks like a snake. It does not just look like one but acts like one as well. It is very flexible, like a snake that slithers around your neck. It is composed of flat rings joined together, forming an elegant style chain. Because they are joined together, they seem like one solid band necklace. 

A disadvantage to this link type is that it can be like the herringbone chain type that can easily break when caught in your clothes and is a bit hard to put together again. 

Wheat Chain Link

The wheat chain link, or Spiga in Italian, is like a grain you see in a field. This pattern shows a unique appearance that portrays how nature has created wheat in such a pattern that look great in jewelry. In the creation of this jewelry, four strands are twisted around, or sometimes oval links are woven together to create a necklace. A slim wheat necklace is astounding to see the links woven into a continuous pattern that would be a great accent piece of jewelry.

Rope Chain

Arope chain looks very simple. It looks like two solid links twisted together. However, that is not the case. They are made of links like any other chain style. Rope chains use many small links in groups of twos and threes woven into one chain. Because of how this is created, it is a durable necklace. Even a thin rope chain is hard to break, but even if it does, it would just be an easy fix. People prefer a thin rope chain because of its pattern, which would look slick on shirts. It has been used as a great accent for streetwear. 

Figaro Chain

TheFigaro chain is one of the most popular chain styles in the world, which is ironic considering its simple design. It is made up of an oval link followed by three round links in a continuous pattern. It is a flat and durable chain. Several links would have been eliminated if one link were broken to keep the patterns. 

Franco Chain Link

TheFranco chain looks similar to the curb and Cuban link chain. These links are not flattened closely to each other like how the Cuban links are made. They are a pattern V-shaped in two or four curb-like chains laying flatly against each other.

Layering Chains

Layering chains of chain stacking is a great style popularized this year. It’s not only necklaces that we see being stacked but also rings and bracelets too. It’s a great way to flex not just one of your jewelry at a time.

The trick about stacking jewelry is that you can go from minimal to overwhelming quickly, so you must be mindful of the jewelry you want to stack. For the necklace, grab 2-4 thin necklaces with different styles, each highlighted individually. You can also get one thick chain as your centerpiece, then layer the thin jewelry along with this. 

Pendants for layering are Cuban link chains, rope chains, snake chains, and wheat chains. 

Chains with a Pendant

Pendants are a must if you plan to buy a chain this year. However, not all chains are meant to have a pendant hanging with them. Let’s take the herringbone link, for example. This type of necklace would not have much durability to hold a statement pendant. It could potentially bend the chain and break it. 

The best chains for pendants if you want a minimalist touch are the rope chain, wheat chain, ball chain, cable chain, and snake chain. Rappers would often be on stage with chunky jewelry seen from across the room. Their big chains are made with larger pendants. For these thick chains, usually, the style that they would go for are Cuban link chains, mariner link chains, Gucci link chains, rope chains, and the franco chain. 

These are the hottest styles in 2022 that we might see more of the next year. Take note of your accessories, and have a great holiday!

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