October 24, 2021

Tips On How To Wear A Chain | Jewelry Guide For Men

Understanding how to style your chains can be a challenge for anyone who is new to wearing jewelry. With this guide from GP Lifestyle you’ll learn a few tips on how to style your chains and necklaces.

Coordinate Your Chain Metals

The first tip is to always coordinate your metals. If you’re wearing a silver chain you should consider coordinating it with another silver chain or a similar colored chain in white gold. The same applies for yellow gold chains, yellow gold chains look best when layered with one another. If you’re combining multiple jewelry pieces with your chain like watches, bracelets and rings you should coordinate the metal colors. Wearing a silver watch and a gold chain is doable but it lacks coordination. This color coordinating tip allows for a more organized look that allows the colors of your clothes to blend evenly with your accessories.


Layer Your Chains

Layering your chains creates a set that looks like they are meant to be worn with each other. To create this look you will want to combine two chains of different length. The most common bundle lengths to create a double layered look is to combine a 20” chain with a 22” chain. If you are looking for a wider spacing between two chains you can combine a 20” chain with a 24” chain. To create a more flashy look you can combine two diamond cuban link chains or two diamond tennis chains. For more of a subtle look with just gold we recommend combing two gold rope chains.


Combine Your Chain With Accessories

Combining your chain with accessories is a must to complete a well put together outfit. Bracelets and Chains complement each other seamlessly and are best coordinated with the same width mm and design as one another. Rings add the final touch to coordinating your chain with accessories whether worn alone with just your chain or combined with a bracelet, rings will help to accentuate your fit in a more organized and thoughtful light. Watch the full video below to learn these on how to wear your chains and necklaces.

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