August 09, 2021

Summer concerts and festivals are synonymous with style. These performances are the perfect opportunity to dress up your wardrobe and show off your favorite fashion pieces while jamming to music with friends. If you feel unprepared to debut your festival season attire, then don’t worry! We’re sharing our advice on the four must-have accessories for festival season.

Gold Chains

The best accessories can be paired with almost any outfit. If you’re looking for a versatile jewelry piece to elevate your fluctuating style, then rope chains or Cuban chains are must-have additions to your outfit.

Not only do these gold chains add a sophisticated detail to your clothing, but they’re also a classic ode to some of the best hip-hop artists of all time. Before stepping out with your festival attire, pay homage to icons like the Notorious B.I.G. and Run DMC by wearing your own customized and classic gold chains.

Fanny Pack

When you can blend function and fashion into the same accessory, it’s a must-have item. Although fanny packs may not be a regular everyday accessory in your wardrobe, they’re ideal for wearing to festivals. A fanny pack will hold essential items while ensuring none of them are lost or stolen. Invest in a fanny pack if you haven’t already to make your festival season fashionable and stress-free.

What To Put in Your Festival Fanny Pack

  • Sunblock
  • Lip balm
  • Phone
  • Phone charger
  • Tickets
  • Snacks


When you dress for a festival, consider safety along with your style. Spending long days and nights outdoors in the sun can quickly lead to dehydration, skin damage, and heat spells if you come unprepared.

One of the most common accessories people forget to pack when outlining their festival outfits is sunglasses. Although sunglasses may not blend entirely with your aesthetic, they’re essential for keeping your eyes protected from harsh UV rays. Before finalizing your festival wardrobe, remember to pack sunglasses—they’re crucial.

Tennis Bracelets

Festivals fashion often includes bright and colorful tie-dye clothing mixed with bandanas, leggings, fishnets, and other eye-catching accessories. If your personal style doesn’t blend well with this adventurous aesthetic, creating a fashionable festival outfit can be challenging.

If you prefer a more familiar and classic look, we recommend adding tennis bracelets to your concert attire. Tennis bracelets are a simple and classic accessory that adds shine and glimmer to your outfit without overpowering your style. 

Don’t walk into festival season unprepared. Remember to prioritize safety and function with your style and review our guide on the four must-have accessories for festival season. If you need help finding rope chains, tennis bracelets, or iced-out rings for your concert wardrobe, check out our Gold President’s website for more information.

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