June 04, 2024

During a recent performance at the TwoGether Land festival in Dallas, TX, Summer Walker received a special surprise from 4Batz, a rising star in the hip-hop scene. As a token of appreciation for bringing him out as a special guest during her set, 4Batz presented Walker with a lavish Louis Vuitton bag.

Expressing his gratitude, 4Batz took the stage alongside Walker and shared his heartfelt sentiments: "I just wanna thank you for bringing me out and I have a little gift for you." With a warm hug, he handed over the luxurious gift to Walker, who graciously accepted it.

In response to the generous gesture, Walker expressed her appreciation to the crowd, stating, "Thank you so much! He’s so nice, y’all. He’s always doing it for the girls."

This act of generosity from 4Batz highlights the camaraderie and support within the hip-hop community, where artists often show appreciation for one another's talents and contributions. It also underscores the significance of collaboration and unity within the industry, as artists come together to uplift and celebrate each other's successes.

This isn't the first time 4Batz has made headlines recently. Earlier this month, the viral sensation found himself clarifying his relationship with Drake, following a playful interaction with Kendrick Lamar on social media. Despite being signed to Drake's OVO Sound label for distribution, 4Batz humorously reached out to Lamar, jokingly asking him to ease up on his ongoing diss tracks aimed at Drake.

As 4Batz continues to make waves in the hip-hop world, his gesture towards Summer Walker serves as a reminder of the importance of gratitude and generosity within the music industry. Through acts of kindness and support, artists like 4Batz contribute to the vibrant and collaborative spirit that defines hip-hop culture.

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