June 09, 2019


Fiddy is at it again. The New York rapper took out some time to post a video on his IG page about his latest purchase using the money his former feud Rotimi gave him. In the video, 50 cent unapologetically hands the broker $100K for a watch and claims that that’s the money Rotimi “coughed” up.  The big boy chains and watches come with a hefty price tag. $145K for the watch and we don’t even wanna know how much for the 150 karats Cuban chain. This all happened after he formally ended the feud he had with the “Power” actor by wishing his family well on social media. This also happened after he went through other virtual feuds from Teirra Mare, Jackie Long, Randall Emmett. Whether 50’s a bully or a genius is none of our business but that jewelry, however, IS. We’ve got similar Cuban chains, pendants, and custom made jewelry that will elevate your drip game!

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