December 06, 2023

ASAP Bari responded to a video capturing an altercation on a New York City basketball court. The rapper explained on Instagram that one of the men stole a chain from his car, prompting him to confront the alleged thief. The video shows Bari exchanging punches with the man, but he is ambushed by another attacker from behind.

After additional participants join the scuffle, it is eventually broken up. Bari, addressing the incident, mentioned the constant challenges he faces, from people hating on him to negative rap references. He highlighted his resilience, stating that despite the attack, he was solo with his jewelry on, emphasizing his authenticity as a Harlem native.


In a follow-up post, Bari elaborated on the incident, revealing that the confrontation was related to a chain stolen from his car two years ago. He claimed to have knocked out the thief upon encountering him, leading to the involvement of the thief's associates. Bari asserted his toughness, stating that these were the same individuals who had financially supported him in the past.

In another post, Bari shared a video of the man he fought with, who downplayed his injuries and issued threats. Bari captioned the post, "The glasses not gone block the black eye."

The incident occurred shortly after ASAP Rocky dissed Bari at Rolling Loud Miami, altering lyrics in his song "Telephone Calls" to criticize him.

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