August 30, 2021

As you know, jewelry makes the outfit. It transforms a standard fit by elevating its presence and commanding attention while adding a touch of class. While chains and earrings are the way to go when accessorizing, it's your wrists that bring everything home. Your wrist accessories often call for a more dramatic approach to help you stand out when subtlety isn’t your play. Here you’ll find some simple ways to upgrade your wrist game that can get people talking.

Iced-Out Watches

The best thing about a watch is that it’s a singular piece that requires no additional jewelry to enhance your look. To take it a step further, you can incorporate a watch with a bit of ice. Iced-out watches are the perfect combination of bling and practicality that won't overpower your fit.

Tennis Bracelets

Diamond tennis bracelets are not only beautiful but match any outfit. They’re versatile, so you can wear them by themselves or stack them in a set. You can mix bracelets of different metals to add color to your wrists.

Cuban Link Bracelets

Cuban links can add a bit of attitude to any outfit. If your fit has loud designs, you can opt for a solid bracelet to avoid clashing. On the other hand, you can wear an iced-out Cuban link as a statement piece when wearing solid, muted tones. Here at Gold Presidents, you can buy Cuban link bracelets that fit any occasion.

How to Style

Choosing the right accessory to complete your outfit is one thing. However, ensuring that it fits and compliments your style is another factor to consider. Keep in mind that your wrist game can suffer from an ill-fitting watch or a tennis bracelet that's too tight.

A rule of practice to follow is to wear thinner bracelets if you have small wrists. If you have thicker wrists, large accessories complement will complement them.

Want to take these simple ways to upgrade your wrist game for a spin? Check out our website at Gold Presidents! We have a wide selection of iced-out bling and jewelry pieces that will be perfect additions to your style.

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