June 29, 2021

Having style isn’t about picking out individual accessories. In order to have style, you must master the art of combining your best individual pieces and creating a personalized composition. When you wear chains, perfecting this composition can be especially difficult.

With so many different factors, such as the type of metal, length, weight, and color to consider, we’ve compiled some clever ways to layer chains to assist in your styling process.

Less Is More

When you have a collection of iced-out chains and pendants you want to show off, it can be tempting to pile these chains on one after another. However, when you add too many chains to one outfit, smaller pieces can get lost in the mix of all your jewelry.

Instead of pilling on your best chains, remember that less is more. Instead, when you wear two or three of your favorite chains, the composition of your outfit looks more thoughtful. People are also more likely to appreciate your chains and jewelry. So, before you pile on the chains, narrow your selection to look more sophisticated.

Focus on Length

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding how to layer your chains is length. When you wear too many chains of the same size, they cover each other and become tangled. Rather than creating this messy style, distinguish your chains by their varying length.

Start with the smallest chain and pick bigger complement pieces from there. Layering chains with different lengths can elongate the features of your outfit and create a stylish drip effect that decorates your entire chest.

Find a Focus Piece

Outfits are made stronger by statement pieces. Statement pieces are the focal piece of your accessories and your outfit. These statement pieces should draw the most immediate attention to your look and complement other elements of your outfit.

A clever way to layer chains is to incorporate these statement pieces to focus on your layered chains. For example, if you have one bright, iced-out pendant at the center of your chest with shorter and longer chains around this statement piece, more attention can be drawn to your accessories. Your finished outfit will look more stylish and unique.

Before you compose your look, consider how each of your chains will complement each other. The more thought you put into layering your chains, the more sophisticated and stylish your outfit will be. If you need new chains or gold jewelry, we offer a wide selection here at Gold Presidents. Whether you need to shop for gold chains, browse different types of chains, or choose from a wide selection of gold accessories, we’ve got you covered. To browse our products, check out our website.

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