August 16, 2021

There's no doubt your jewelry is unique, whether it’s connected to some meaningful moments or it’s your go-to piece when accessorizing your fit. No matter its significance to you, you hope jewelry will last. However, some of your daily activities can be detrimental to your chains, bracelets, and rings. Continue reading to learn some of the common ways you are damaging your jewelry.

Household Chores

You might want to take off your bracelets and rings the next time you're completing household chores. Household cleaners and bleaches can be incredibly harmful to jewelry, as they contain solvents that can strip jewelry of their surface treatments. Over time, the finished surface can disintegrate and look dull, giving your ice a not-so-fresh look.

Working Out

Your chains’ brilliance can take a hit from the salty sweat your body produces while working out. Sweat that coats your jewelry can be responsible for tarnished appearances. You also want to avoid wearing bracelets while exercising since they can get caught on barbells and break if you’re not careful.

Getting Ready

Your ice should be the last thing you put on since it completes your look. Hairstyling products, perfume, and body products are your jewelry's worst enemies. Hairspray gets sticky, and perfume coats your earrings and necklaces, making them look speckled and dull.

Improper Storage

Those padded jewelry boxes aren’t just for show—they keep your jewelry protected and away from dust when you’re not wearing it. Properly storing your ice prevents it from getting tangled and dirty.

Improper Cleaning

Have you noticed how fresh and bright your jewelry looks after a thorough cleaning? Keeping your jewelry clean not only makes it appear nicer but also extends its lifespan. Consider taking your jewelry to a professional jeweler or cleaning it on your own to maintain its radiance.

Now that you’ve explored common ways you are damaging your jewelry, you can take better care of your pieces. Are you looking for iced-out chains and pendants? Check out the Gold Presidents website for a wide selection that will bring your outfit to the next level.

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