January 13, 2024

Conor McGregor, the UFC legend known for his extravagant lifestyle and generosity, recently marked a significant milestone for the head chef at his Dublin bar, the Black Forge Inn. Ed Raethorne, the pub's head chef, celebrated his 50th birthday in style, thanks to McGregor's thoughtful and luxurious gift.

As McGregor frequently takes to social media to commend Raethorne for his culinary prowess and dedication, it was no surprise that the UFC superstar went above and beyond to make the chef's milestone birthday memorable. McGregor, who has invested his MMA fortune in various ventures, including a portfolio of Dublin bars, visited the Black Forge Inn to personally deliver the special gift.

In a heartwarming video shared on Instagram by Raethorne, McGregor expressed his appreciation for the chef's outstanding work. The UFC icon thanked Raethorne for his contributions, stating, "Your work is astounding, mate. Keep going, we appreciate you." McGregor then presented the head chef with a brand-new Rolex watch, officially welcoming him into the exclusive "Rolex club."

The video captured the genuine moment of surprise and gratitude as Raethorne received the luxury timepiece. McGregor's personal touch and acknowledgment of his staff's hard work added a unique and sentimental aspect to the celebration.

After the birthday surprise, Raethorne took to social media to express his heartfelt thanks to McGregor. In a post, he conveyed, "What can I say, a huge thanks to Conor McGregor for such an amazing birthday present, always going above and beyond looking after me here at Black Forge Inn."

This gesture exemplifies McGregor's commitment to recognizing and appreciating the people who contribute to his business ventures. The UFC star's generosity extends beyond the octagon, showcasing his appreciation for those who play a crucial role in his various enterprises, such as the award-winning Black Forge Inn. McGregor's act of gifting a Rolex watch not only symbolizes the celebration of a birthday but also reinforces the bond between the UFC legend and the dedicated individuals working alongside him.

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