October 30, 2023

Pakistani boxing sensation Amir Khan recently captured the spotlight, not for any controversy, but for an enthusiastic fanboy moment when he generously gifted his prized "million dollar" watch to American rapper and songwriter, Eminem.

Sharing the moment on the popular photo and video-sharing platform, Instagram, Khan posted a video of himself carefully fastening the limited edition WBC Championship-style watch onto Eminem's wrist. Some viewers found the exchange awkward due to Khan's slightly unconventional approach.

In the video, Khan is seen making an earnest effort to place the distinctive timepiece on Eminem's wrist, his posture suggesting a sense of urgency, while the American icon looks slightly bemused, seated in a chair.



This encounter unfolded during a dinner event in Saudi Arabia, leading up to the highly anticipated face-off between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou. It appeared as though Khan couldn't contain his excitement upon spotting the multi-million-pound music mogul and approached him while he was enjoying his meal.

Later, both the boxer and the rapper posed for a more relaxed photograph, a stark contrast to the earlier exchange. Khan shared the photo along with the video, playfully captioning it with a nod to one of Eminem's iconic songs, "slim shady."

Eagle-eyed followers of Khan were quick to notice the unique nature of the interaction and shared their observations in the comments.

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