March 01, 2023

The only way to understand something better in the present is to look back at the past. The saying does not only goes for your life choices but also for your jewelry.


Pendants go a long way back into the past but as a jewelry enthusiast, have you dived deep into their meaning? Let’s get to know what it is today and how it had been defined and used in the past.

What is a Pendant?

The word pendant came from the Latin word pendere, which means “to hang.” Hence, this is an ornament loosely hanging around a chain or necklace. People often get confused about the necklace and the pendant. They think a necklace would automatically have that piece of hanging ornament when they are separate entities. Some necklaces and bracelets would already have something attached to them, but a pendant is a piece of jewelry that is usually detachable. This way, you can be the judge of where you can add the ornament. 

History of Pendants and Their Uses

Now let’s backtrack in time to learn about the evolution of the pendants we now love. 

Back in the stone age, they were mostly referred to as amulets and talismans because they were more functional objects rather than just decorative objects during their time. Pendants in ancient times were made of natural shells or stones. It was during the time of the Egyptians that we saw a lot of gold-made pendants and colored gemstones. Egyptians wore pendants in the shape of flies, winged scarabs, vultures, falcons, serpents, and the eye of the god Horus.

In the middle ages, when Christianity was being introduced to many, pendants were of relics and crosses. They were devotional pieces enameled and embossed with religious subjects.

 In the 14th century, noblemen and women were made to wear them as a symbol. Men wore them with their family crest, while the women wore pendants with sentimental subjects.

It had been around the 16th Century when the pendant was used more as a decorative object than for religion and other spiritual practices. It is the use of the pendant that we continue to use today

Types of Pendants That Are Still Popular Today

The pendants have grown their meaning and evolved their looks and functionality; however, some pendants remain popular in the present generation. 

1. Fashion Pendants

It is the top choice for obvious reasons. More people look into pretty things even if they don’t have a historical background.Fashion pendants are a diverse type of pendant that people adore. There are types that every woman should own in different shapes and materials used. Fashion pendants serve only aesthetic purposes and are designed with fashion in mind. For a pendant unique to your personality, get yours customized atGold Presidents

2. Locket

It looks vintage and everyone loves it for that reason. It continues to be as romantic as it looked in the earlier times when it was first introduced. These are round, oval, and heart-shaped pendants that you can open and put photos of your loved ones in. 

3. Amulet

From coins to semi-precious crystals, amulets are still popular, especially for the younger generation, with symbols that would often pique their curiosity. It is made in different shapes and sizes, gold and silver, and adorned with gemstones. Amulets have various uses depending on what you need. There is one for luck, for wealth, for your health, to ward off evil entities, and one used for protection against danger. 

4. Cameo

In simpler terms, a cameo pendant has the same vibe as brooches which is why it remains to be popular to many. It is a carved gemstone with landscapes, flowers, and angels. People who love vintage-style jewelry are big fans of cameo pendants.

5. Medallion

Medallions are a simple type of pendant often shaped like a coin and made from precious metals of gold and silver worn around your neck. They are very popular with celebrities nowadays that they use to symbolize where they are. The bigger the medal, the prouder it can be. It has become quite the status symbol for artists. 

6. Functional Pendants

Functional pendants are popular with people who prefer things that serve a purpose. Examples of this type are the pendant that also serves as a whistle or keys that open up a treasure chest you might have hidden somewhere. People put these around their necks as pendants to access this easily.  

7. Crystals

Crystals are like amulets used for spiritual practices. Crystals, however, are used under the belief of astrology and for healing energy. Different crystals have different uses. The most popular crystal is jade which is associated with healing and luck.

It’s the new year, and this is your sign to grab a pendant from what you learned today. Get this jewelry and start accessorizing!


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