October 26, 2019

Do you know how the word “Jewellery” came into existence? Well it all started by renaming the Latin word “jocale” and Modifying the name into “Jewellery”. Jewellery has its existence dating long back somewhere around 40,000 years ago where it was worn by the Cro Magnan's, the great grandparents of the Homo sapiens. 


Damn , that is some crazy talk below :

The Artistic mind of the ancient man developed jewellery items by using waste items like bones, teeth and several other materials around their habitat. 

We all love to wear jewellery but there are forms of jewelry such as nose or ankle ornament are less common and people won’t buy that much but in some cultures but they hold a major significance.

Facts About Jewellery

Many of you who are carrying out jewellery on their clothes and body might have no idea what is the significance of jewellery or what are some interesting “Facts About Jewellery”. However, if you have no idea about the facts, we have created a list of facts about jewelry.

  • As the human race, jewellery and other decorative objects are also ancient.
  • In India, about 2500 years earlier the diamonds were first observed. South America is the leading traditional producer of diamonds at present.
  • The very first two ancient cultures that began an organized manufacturing of jewellery were Egypt and Mesopotamia. They played a major role in the growth of jewellery in all civilizations that followed them in the progress of metallurgy and gem collection.
  • Due to its high brightness, durability, and softness, gold is one of the most common jewellery raw materials. 
  • The popular black Jet jewellery metal which was popular during the tenure of Queen Victoria was created of the 180 million years ago fossilized carbon.
  • Maximilian of Austria initiated in 1477 the custom of giving a ring for fiance for engagement. He gave a masterfully crafted ring as a wedding pledge to his soon-to-be-wife Mary of Burgundy.
  • During evolution, jewellery has undergone many changes brought about because of the rise and fall of many cultures and shifts in style. The Gothic, Romanticism, Art Deco, the New Art, Renaissance and many more of the most impressive styles that have influenced the creation of gems.
  • First jewels are made of any material available in the neighborhood of our predecessors territories. Metal Age presence allowed initial creative jewelry to be made.
  • The diamonds are all over three billion years old, and they have created from carbon which was heated and compressed Hundred miles underneath the earth's crust.
  • For almost 6000 years, Silver Was used as a jewellery material. Still many communities and races wears only silver jewellery 
  • With the rapid growth of the human race, the first synthetic diamonds were also formed during the time in the 1950's.
  • United States of America is said to be the biggest user of diamonds and interestingly most brides in united states receives gold or diamond rings in their wedding.

Jewellery in 2019

You may have read about some of the biggest facts on jewellery above, many of you were unaware of. Jewellery holds a specific and unique place in everyone's life. Every individual who buys jewellery has some purpose and it can be completely different from the other. At present you will see a lot of costume jewellery is worn by the youth that are really cheap but brings out a completely new look for very individual. Maybe with coming time we are going to see some further new discoveries in this stuff.

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