Floyd Mayweather didn't land any punches during his recent trip to see famous jeweler Peter Marco at his spot in Beverly Hills.

According to TMZ Sports, Money Mayweather went on a multi-million dollar shopping spree as usual, Mayweather purchased a 30-carat pear-shaped, yellow VVS ring for $2.3 million, a 3-4.5 ct. diamond bracelet for another $2.5 million, and one 2-pound yellow gold Cuban necklace and 3 watches for a combined $500k. That's goes for a grand total of $5.3 million "couch money" for the undefeated boxing champ.

Mayweather, 41, is reportedly scheduled to come out of retirement for a  New Year's Evefight against undefeated kickboxing champ Tenshin Nasukawa, despite the fact that Mayweather backed out weeks ago. During a recent interview with TMZ, Floyd said, "we're going to make it happen."

Of course, there will be no kicking allowed once Mayweather steps in the ring.

"Rules? It's gonna be a little boxing exhibition. No kicking," Floyd told us ... "I'm moving around with the guy for 9 minutes, and of course it's gonna be the highest paid exhibition ever."

"It's a no-brainer. Just because I'm retired from boxing," Mayweather says, "I still make appearances worldwide and make a ton of money."