January 03, 2024

French Montana, the renowned rapper, is no stranger to showcasing a luxurious lifestyle, and he recently took the opportunity to flaunt it during an outing at a Brooklyn Nets game. On December 27, the Barclays Center in New York City hosted a game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks, and French Montana, aged 39, was spotted sitting courtside. Seizing the moment, he used social media to make a big announcement about his upcoming mixtape, Mac & Cheese 5, scheduled for release on January 5.

In an Instagram video, French Montana not only shared the release date for Mac & Cheese 5 but also turned the camera toward his feet to showcase his Virgil Abloh-designed Louis Vuitton Air Force 1s. With a confident tone, he declared, “’Bout 200 thousand on my feet, floor seats — that’s a Lamborghini.” The rapper's choice of footwear reflects his affinity for high-end fashion and luxury brands.

It remains uncertain whether French Montana purchased the sneakers for the reported price or if their current value is around $200,000. Notably, limited-edition versions of this sneaker were auctioned for approximately $100,000, while one pair fetched a staggering $352,800 at Sotheby’s last year.

Beyond his stylish display, French Montana is gearing up for the release of Mac & Cheese 5, the final installment in his popular mixtape series. The rapper recently unveiled the cover art for the mixtape, drawing inspiration from the flag of his native country, Morocco. In collaboration with Worldstar, the visual showcases French Montana shirtless against a black background, illuminated by red and green lights forming the Moroccan flag’s pentagram.

The Mac & Cheese series has been a significant part of French Montana's discography since its inception in 2009 as Mac Wit Da Cheese. Over the years, it evolved with subsequent releases like Mac & Cheese 2 in 2010, Mac & Cheese 3 in 2012, and Mac & Cheese 4 (MC4) in 2016. Notably, MC4 was initially intended as his second studio album but faced challenges when it was prematurely released in CD format by Target, prompting its transformation into a mixtape.

As French Montana builds anticipation for Mac & Cheese 5, fans can expect a compelling blend of his signature style and collaborations with notable artists, continuing the legacy of a mixtape series that has played a pivotal role in his career.

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