July 27, 2021

Fresh Drops: The Latest Hip-Hop Jewelry Trends

With the emergence of new artists, new designs, and new fashion releases, there are plenty of fresh drops to add to your wardrobe this summer. Keep reading to learn more about the latest hip-hop jewelry trends and how to implement these looks into your daily style.

Gold Hoops and Studded Earrings

While hip-hop trends have always indulged in iced-out chains and bracelets, earrings have typically been more understated additions to outfits. However, the latest hip-hop jewelry trends have taken a new approach to this accessory. Rather than simple gold studs, more and more artists have experimented with gold hoop earrings and bulkier, iced-out studs.

Layered Chains

Layered, gold chains have been an iconic look since some of the most influential hip-hop artists of all time first wore them on the stage in the eighties and nineties. Today, these chains are still in fashion, but new trends have added a modern twist to this retro look.

How Chains Have Changed With Trends Over Time

Rather than simple rope or tennis chains, modern layered chains are iced out with studded diamonds and intricate details. These studded diamonds paired with the woven design of classic chains create a strong and edgier aesthetic.

Pro Tip: Layering Iced-Out Chains

If you don't correctly layer your necklaces together, then your outfit appears messy and overdone. Remember to choose two or three chains with varying lengths to ensure that each of these pieces can lay on your chest naturally.

Personalized Pendants

Sometimes participating in trends can make outfits look more like a popular uniform. If you're worried about losing your sense of self in your style, then consider opting for a personalized pendant. These necklaces are a perfect blend between popular jewelry trends and a customized flare.

You can design personalized pendants with solid gold, white gold diamonds, and any word, phrase, or number that holds meaning to you. Check out our suggestions on the best uses of personalized pendants below.

Ideas for Personalized Pendants

  • Names
  • Nickname
  • City names
  • Favorite artistic or athlete names
  • Favorite jersey number

Unlike many other trends and fast fashion, hip-hop trends use iconic jewelry and accessories that will never go out of style. The way artists wear these earrings, chains, and pendants may change, but all these jewelry pieces are essentials to any wardrobe.

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