March 01, 2023

Jewelry needs to look easy on the eyes. It is, after all, made to be stylish, giving people an automatic confidence booster. Craving for the aesthetic has been a guilty pleasure for both men and women for centuries. And jewelry seems to be the cherry on top of the cake.

Jewelry complements our outfits, and storing them properly allows them to last and allows us to flex them a bit more in the future. Hence, jewelry's durability is just as important as its enthralling look. So, let's look into something that might just effortlessly have both – Franco Chains.

What are Franco Chains? 

Franco chains are known to be fashion pieces of jewelry that serve elegantly neat looks for both men and women. It is a staple piece of jewelry that can go with any style. Franco chains are inspired by the Cuban chain but with a sweet twist. Unlike Cuban links, Franco chains have four added sides and a distinct V-shaped pattern that looks like a braid. 

This type of chain design was the idea of an Italian jewelry designer. Its intricate design makes its links sturdier. So, if you are into oversized statement pendants, the Franco Chains' design is perfect to hold your stunner pendant without worrying about breaking links. It is the best fit for the eye-catching fashion style that you aim. The sturdy look of Franco chains' V-shaped links is an indication of their durability. The intricate knots of the links can hold heavy pendants and can last for years with proper care. 


Regular Franco VS. Diamond Cut Franco

Did you even know that another type of chain existed? Well, listen up now because we are about to go down into business here. Well, to be completely honest, there isn’t much to it, but if you are a jewelry enthusiast or even if you are just starting to build your knowledge on jewelry to become one, it’s not that hard to spot the difference. 

Diamond cuts on a chain are preferred by some because they can give the chain extra sparkle and style. No, it does not have literal diamonds on it that makes the chain shine. It is because it is where faceting, like notches, is applied around every link. It creates that shine, which is a bit of an upgrade from the regular Franco chain, which only has a flat surface to create that shiny metal. Meanwhile, the faceting technique used in cutting diamonds creates more reflections and, hence, more sparkle.

Another difference is how the regular franco chain’s profile can look square while the diamond-cut franco appears rounder in shape. One does not necessarily outshine the other, as it can all be a matter of preference for the person wearing the chain. However, if you plan to pair the chain with a pendant, the diamond cut franco would be a better option since it is rounded and more flexible for pendants to hang in. 

Styling Franco Chains

Franco chains are very versatile. It can elevate any kind of look for any occasion for both men and women. There are some things you have to take note of when you get to style your Franco chains with your outfits and make them seem flawless and well thought through. 

  • Thickness
  • Franco Chains vary in thickness, so there isn't a style it cannot go with. However, there is a trick to getting the perfect thickness for you. It goes to how your body is built. If you are a slim dude, you might not want to go big and thick on the chain, as it can emphasize your size more. It goes the other way around if you are built a big man. Go for thicker chains instead of thin ones to find the right balance between your fit and your jewelry. Usually, it is the one to go with oversized statement pendants, embracing the hip-hop side of you. Check out Gold President’s franco chains and other hip-hop-style bling.  

  • Length
  • To find the right chain length, you should also focus on the torso (from your shoulders to your hips). For a longer torso, never go for a choker or short-length necklaces and chains that appear to elongate your torso further. The opposite goes for those with a shorter torso. Thank us later!

  • Your Outfit
  • For a formal look, you can wear your Franco chain with a pendant that goes along with your style. For a casual look, you can complement your outfit with a Franco chain with or without a pendant, staying simple but chic. It’s pretty simple, right?

    How to Properly Store Your Franco Chain

    It should be treated fairly, like your other gold jewelry. With care and respect for your jewelry, you are bound to keep it for a long time and pass it down to your children as a family heirloom. So follow these simple steps, and you’re sure to be good to go.

    • Keep them in a jewelry box with velvet or fabric inner lining to prevent scratches. 
    • Do not store them with different metal-type chains. 
    • Choose storage with stale temperature and low humidity. 
    • Consider keeping them in a safety deposit box at home. 
    • Separate keeping your jewelry paperwork with the jewelry itself (make it hard for thieves at least, right?)
    • Clean them with warm water and gentle soap at least once a week if you wear them often. 
    • Keep them ensured! 

    Whether you want a head-turning look or just a simple style, you can always count on Franco chains.

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