October 03, 2019

The synonym for gold jewelry is wealth and goodness. The rich and powerful used to wear gold jewelry to show their success and uniqueness. Gold jewelry these days is not as expensive as it used to be. Jewelry is becoming more popular pieces of jewelry that is affordable for everyone.

Gold pendants, ringsand bracelets sometimes become destroyed and they lose their natural color after some time. If you do not want this to happen, you should clean gold chain necklace regularly. This article tells you how to care of gold jewelry at home.

Gold jewelry how is it destroyed?

Fortunately, this is not irreversible. Cleaning your jewelry correctly can restore the shiny metal. To clean gold chain you can use systematic treatments to stop this destruction process of your jewelry.

Gold jewelry is a durable and long-lasting metal but can sometimes be destroyed.

This is because unfavorable weather conditions. The metal is overlapped with a coating that loses its natural color, when this happens the material turns dark. As time passes, gold loses its shine and changes color.

Next, when your jewelry comes in contact with detergents or other cosmetics, they both can have a negative effect on jewelry. For example, Cuban link chain tends to change color. A lot of jewelry combinations react with the substances that can be found in detergents and cosmetics and start to destruct.

This is not an irreversible process, cleaning your jewelry can restore the shiny metal. To clean gold chain systematic treatments can stop this destruction process.

How to clean gold chain?

How to clean gold chain is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to taking care of jewelry. But you're in luck because there are also many answers that may be useful.

Jewelry that has not been cleaned for months or years probably has metal tarnish that has built up on the outside layer. To clean your jewelry properly, you need a glass container with boiled water in it. You should line the bottom of your container with aluminum foil and add five teaspoons of salt to the boiled water.

Next, gently wash the jewelry with soap and water. This is where you remove the wax contaminated on the jewelry. Wait a couple of minutes then add the jewelry to the boiled water, let it sit for 3-4 hours to clean gold chain

Vodka treatment is another way to clean your gold jewelry. Put your jewelry in a glass container filled with vodka and leave it for at least 12 hours.


How to care of gold jewelry? How to clean gold chain necklace?

Cleaning your Jewelry regularly is always the best way to prevent contamination build-up. Wiping your gold jewelry with spirit or vodka at least once a month is recommended by specialist. Soft cloths or brushes can be reliable tools for hard to reach places. The process of cleaning a cuban link chain is a very unusual method. Experts say cigarette ash is ideal for cleaning gold items – adding water to the ash can be a great cleaning extract.

These gold accessories need special care to keep their original color. For cleaning gold jewelry vodka or water and salt are great things to use. Specialized gold cleaning liquids are also available on the market that will help you clean your jewelry properly. 

If you do not want to deal with this hassle of cleaning this jewelry – take your jewelry to a jewelry specialist who will clean it for you, at an affordable price.

Summary about how to take care of gold chain.

Gold jewelry is a fashionable ornament chosen by people who want to become unique among crowds of people. 

Taking proper care of your jewelry is definitely worth the time. When your jewelry change its color, make use of those tips in this article to make sure that your jewelry will always look iced out. Using the home methods to get rid of dirt and unwanted color changes are worth it. But, if you are afraid of cleaning your gold chains or bracelets, meeting experts is sometimes the only way of having a perfect result.

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