December 16, 2020

It ain't right to just rock jewelry, you have to rock quality ones. I mean whats the need if it ain't quality by the way. And you'll agree that a quality iced jewelry comes with a quality price tag.

You want to emulate the likes of Miles Parks McCollum, professionally known as Lil Yachty, who made it known that if it's too cheap, it doesn't worth it. 

Lil Yachty is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter. He gained recognition in the hip-hop world in 2015, and since then making the music industry lit. He is a lover of iced jewelry; he's known to rock cool and expensive jewelry.

Lil Yachty in one of his interviews made it known his love big pendants. According to Lil, he doesn't go for cheap jewelry; he prefers getting quality and expensive iced jewelry. 

While coming from a poor background, without access to diamond chains and the flashy lifestyle, he soon rise to prominence when he dropped the hit track One Night.

The One Night crooner went on to make a $50K ice pendant of himself to celebrate his success. And he has gone on to own lot more pendants with a significant stories behind it. H iced wristwatches are expensive; each wristwatch is approximately $80,000. 

One thing you won't find is Lil Yachty rocking a low-quality cheap ice - it won't be worth it.

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