August 13, 2022

Superheroes have capes; this kid has jewelry.

Justin Irvin Rivera, better known under his stage name J.I. the Prince of NY or recently, simply J.I., is one of the youngest rappers in today’s hip-hop scene.

At age 15, J.I posted his freestyle rap on Instagram and caught the attention of legendary rapper, producer, and executive, Jermaine Dupri, who was also the head behind The Rap Game, in which J.I was a contender. J.I.’s rise to fame continued with the release of his debut, single “No Static” soon thereafter.

With over 1.47 million viewers on his YouTube channel and more than 60 million music streams in the US alone, you might think that only his rap career is on the sparkly road to fame. Wait until you see the jewelry collection, which he flaunted in this episode of GQ’s On the Rocksthat brings the word “sparkle” to a whole different level.

In 2019 before he signed his deal, J.I. bought himself a $30,000 worth of chain, which was his first piece of jewelry. Cuban link chains are a signature piece for rappers, so it’s just fitting to have one as he starts his record deal. He doesn’t think too much of it and sees it as something that’s not too flashy and can be worn everywhere.

Jesus Pendant. Being a heavy believer in God, he considers this his Kahuna piece. The $60,000 worth Jesus pendant comes with an iced-out rope chain, which perfectly tied the whole piece together. As far as quality and meaning, this piece is for sure his most favored custom piece.

G.Star Pendant. G.Star is his label and family in the music industry. He claims this to be his everyday piece, wearing it wherever and whenever he wants. This is the logo of his label on an iced-out gold rope chain. Since he has the baby pendant version, he was getting the bigger pendant arriving in a few days, which he was a bit penitent not being able to show it during the interview.

White gold chain with alternating rose gold bullet pendants. This new piece is a bit different in color as he often gets himself some solid gold and iced-out pieces. This one is a Cuban link chain with alternating bullet pendants in rose gold tips. This piece if a definite work of art that could catch a lot of attention from the back of the room.

Championship rings.He showed a total of 4 rings in this collection. He said that two of those rings had been his first and the other two were his step-up pieces.

The first 2 rings are both in solid gold at the back. One has iced-out Prong link up front, and another seems to have 3 big emerald-cut diamonds, each one of them with a halo of smaller cut diamonds.

His championship rings, however, are much bigger in size, that you can see from the back of the room. These are gold chunky signet rings that are completely iced out. J.I. says these rings are the type when you have survived the trenches, and when you do things people told you that you couldn’t do While most rappers go all out with their watches or chains, J.I., on the other hand, goes all out on one of his championship rings, that’s worth more than an AP watch amounting to $50,000.

 J.I. wraps up the interview by saying, “We’re not talking about the price here, but the quality so for all of you local and new artists, please do not rush to get your jewelry.”

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