July 30, 2019

Houston Rockets MVP James Harden is known for his trademark beard. But have you every heard about his icy jewelry collection? Harden sat down with GQ for an interview to show off his collection. Harden has been considered as the NBA’s most exciting player, he’s definitely one of a kind. In his interview he talks about his beard and how he likes it to set off his outfit.He also shows off his jewelry collection.    “I get food in this all the time,” he says. “Like, all the time. If it’s people that I don’t know, I won’t eat around ’em. When I’m, like, going on blind dates, I’ll wait till I get around people I actually am comfortable around, because then they’ll tell me I have stuff in my beard. It kinda comes with it. If you wanna look as good as I do.”  

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