May 04, 2020

Jason Derulo, a very popular singer from Florida popped up on GQ to show off some of his quite elegant pieces of jewelry. Jason started off by showing us a gold medallion with the number "4" which was dedicated to his "Everything is 4" album. He explains how "he was seeing 4's everywhere, and how thankful and blessed he was for his life." Next, he goes on to show us a two-tone AP,  he tells us how this was the first rose gold piece of jewelry that he had bought but he couldn't resist because of the "craftsmanship" on the piece itself. 

Jason makes sure that he "has a watch for every occasion." Next he goes on to show us some of his collection of rings. One ring in-particular was a ring he had given to his ex, Jason explains the significance of the bee that is crafted on the front of the ring. When Deurlo packs for his shows he likes to wear choker pieces on stage because when he is dancing he does not like to get hit in the face with his pieces. He goes on to show us his favorite Cuban Link piece which is a longer Cuban with black diamonds, a Raphael piece. This Cuban was priced at about 90,000 dollars. Tune in to see Jason Derulo show off the rest of his one of a kind pieces. 


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