August 24, 2022

We have shown a few of GQ's On The Rocks series where rappers and collectives alike show off their blinding jewelry and watches and share just how many thousands they've spent. No one else on the show has been like Lil Durk who admitted to losing much of his collection, which totaled in a $72K loss, if not more. 

His first loss was a diamond choker which he says his sister misplaced, the second was a ring that was left in an Uber and the others were a watch and a diamond fang. "Ay Uber driver if you found my ring imma fuck you up, Nah, that's a tip," Durk joked. Durk still has his OTF chain, 300 rings, $85,000 Cuban link ring to show off.

In other Durk news, he paid a visit to The Breakfast Club not too long ago and talked about industry mates who he considers as "real ones". "Future always been 1000 with me, French, Meek, Baby, Gunna. I got my crowd," he said, adding how his "big brother" French Montana had always been there for him. "He showed me the ropes, how to move, and stop being wild. He's like a mentor."

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