November 16, 2023

Lil Yachty has given his fans another reason to admire his bling game. In a recent Instagram post on Thursday night, the Atlanta rapper revealed his latest extravagant dental work by none other than Thomas Connelly, renowned as the "Father of Diamond Dentistry."

A brief video clip showcased Connelly holding Lil Yachty's dental impression adorned with diamond veneers on his upper molars. Confirming the jaw-dropping details, Connelly stated that the four veneers (two on each side) weighed in at an impressive 16 carats, boasting a staggering value of $1,050,000.

"Boat Boy freezing," Connelly captioned another post, crediting the creation to the skilled artisans at Angel City Jewelers based in Los Angeles.

Yachty enthusiastically reshared the snapshots on his Instagram Stories, also taking the opportunity to showcase his other blinged-out accessories. In his own words, he detailed, "17 carats in the left ear, 16 carats in the teeth, and the ring 22 carats. Don't pop it to me kiddo. @Conellydds my brother for life."

This isn't Yachty's first foray into mouth jewelry. Previously, the Grammy-nominated rapper reportedly spent $35,000 on rainbow grills in 2017, only to later opt for a more refined look with $80,000 pearly veneers.



During a lively Instagram Live broadcast in 2021, Yachty expressed his satisfaction with his dental choices, stating, "It’s the white teeth show, man. N***a’s lookin’ and feelin’ excellent. I'mma smile for the rest of the week. For the rest of the month!"

The mastermind behind Lil Yachty's dazzling dental work, Thomas Connelly, has an impressive clientele, having worked with notable names in sports and entertainment such as Cardi B, Offset, Post Malone, Chris Brown, and Odell Beckham Jr. In a 2021 interview with Rolling Stone, Connelly discussed the intricate process behind crafting diamond-encrusted teeth, emphasizing the challenges of cutting holes in diamonds without compromising their integrity.

“It’s very difficult to cut holes in diamonds without destroying them,” he explained. “In order to make a diamond in the shape of a tooth—for example, if you get a six-carat canine tooth, you need a 12-carat raw cube. So there’s a lot of waste."

Connelly also hinted at the anticipation from other high-profile individuals interested in acquiring million-dollar dental bling, stating, “I’ve been talking to a few other people who were waiting to see how this turned out before they dropped their million. So we’ll see."

In the world of Lil Yachty, the bling isn't just an accessory; it's a statement of luxury and style that continues to captivate and inspire.

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