July 20, 2021

Professional athletes are more than champions on the field. These all-stars are also some of the most influential leaders in fashion. In this blog, we’ll check out the style of these players off the field and discuss the best jewelry trends worn by pro athletes.

Cuban Link Chains

Gold chains are one of the most popular and famous jewelry trends worn by pro athletes off the field. Cuban link chains have specifically become a favorite gold chain worn by athletes of any sport. 

Cuban link chains are a favorite necklace for athletes because the links of these chains give this necklace a strong, luxurious, and classic look. Cuban link chains also come in varying sizes, which means athletes can choose to feature thinner chains or show off their style with a thicker necklace.

Who Wears It?

  • Kevin Durant
  • Javier Baez
  • Michael Jordan

Jersey Number Pendants

When you’re a champion of your sport, you want to celebrate your accomplishments with pride. Championships are a long uphill battle to fight, so why shouldn’t athletes celebrate their teams off the field?

One of the most popular jewelry pieces to be worn by pro athletes as a symbol of their pride is the sports number pendant necklace. These pendants combine the classic look of chains with a customized and iced-out jersey number accessory.

These necklaces are a stylish and elevated version of traditional jerseys. With these pendants, pro athletes can wear their pride on their chest while celebrating wins with their team.

Who Wears It?

  • Magic Johnson
  • Michael Jordan

Luxury Watches

Another jewelry trend that has captured the attention of athletes is luxury watches. Watches are a timelessly sophisticated and mature accessory to add to any all-star outfit. Luxury brands have elevated the designs of these watches by icing out this simple accessory and transforming it into a symbol of wealth and success.

Who Wears It?

  • Stephen Curry
  • Lebron James
  • Tom Brady

Jewelry is more than an accessory for most pro athletes. Instead, jewelry is a symbol of success and pride. Luxury accessories help athletes celebrate wins and serve as tangible rewards for their dedication to their sport.

Here at Gold Presidents, we offer a large selection of luxurious gold jewelry to mimic some of the best pro-athlete trends. If you’re searching for the perfect Cuban link chain or want to remember your favorite athlete with a customized sports pendant, check out our website for more information.

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