April 28, 2021

To give your looks somethin’ extra with little effort, you have to accessorize on the daily. That means bags, hats, and of course, jewelry. Stepping into the world of jewelry doesn’t have to be overwhelming, though. In fact, you can get jewelry you love and want to style every day. These pieces will become part of you and your unique aesthetic. We’re gonna make it easy for you by offering up five examples of pieces of jewelry that anyone can wear.

#1: Bracelets and Rings

If you don’t even know where to start, ice on your wrist isn’t a huge commitment. Bracelets provide that subtle shine, so you don’t have to worry that the brilliance will overpower your outfit. Plus, you can stack as many or as few as you want. Similarly, when it comes to rings, you can add what you think looks best. Truly, rings are underrated accessories. Whether simple or detailed, rings add a little spice to your fits. A signet ring, worn on the pinky, is a nice touch, too—it looks so dope.

#2: Gold Chain Necklaces

Gold chains are classic pieces that you can dress up and down. We can guarantee that you won’t want to take them off. Also, they’re completely customizable to what you like most. You can style chains on their own, or you have the option to add pendants. For instance, people might choose crosses or phrases. But if you’re just starting out with necklaces, our gold chain initial necklace would be perfect for you, as it’s simple yet holds significance.

#3: A Stellar Watch

If you’re in search of a fashionable and functional jewelry piece, go for a watch. For one thing, a watch instantly makes you look cool—whether it’s made from luxurious leather or it’s dazzling with diamonds. Not to mention it helps with keeping track of your time, so you have to throw it on before you head out the door. We know you’re busy, so if anything, a watch is essential.

#4: Subtle or Statement Earrings

Feel like your look is missing something? You probably need to put on some earrings, as they beautifully frame any face. Diamond studs are a popular choice, and gold and silver hoops are also trendy. You can wear them with anything you own. But, if you want to take it up a notch, you can also incorporate statement earrings into your looks—don’t hesitate to experiment.

Simply put, there are pieces of jewelry that anyone can wear—you just have to decide what’s going to be best for your lifestyle and personal taste. Although it may be daunting at first, we feel it’s best to just dive in.

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