December 26, 2021

Rich the Kid is among the most prominent names in the Rap and Hip-Hop scene today. He is best known for his platinum-selling music, for starting the “Dat Way” wave, as well as for his ties with industry household names like Migos and Kendrick Lamar. In 2016, Rich the Kid started his own record label, Rich Forever Music, where he was able to extend his influence and passion not only for music but also for fashion and style.

Today, Rich the Kid is featured on GQ Magazine’s On the Rocks episode. Let us look deeper as he shares his fashion style and insane jewelry collection.

Rich the Kid starts off by showing his favorite pendants. The first one is his own record label’s pendant, Rich Forever-ever. It is acustom rose gold pendant with baguettes and is white in the middle. He shares that it is around $75,000 and that everybody in the Rich Forever Music label has it. His second piece is the YRN (Young Rich Nation) pendant. YRN, which is Migos’ label, is also a custom-made pendant in rose and white gold. It is relatively similar with the Rich Forever-ever pendant although a little smaller. He soon goes on to narrate the first time he linked up with the hip-hop trio and the first time they collaborated on a song. The third piece from this collection is the “Dat Way” pendant, which is inspired by the “Dat Way” lingo wave he started. The last piece from this set is his $75,000 “Jesus” charm pendant, which according to him is inspired the Jesus pieces from other musicians and producers.

The next part of the video shows Rich the Kid’s chains collection which ranges from rope chains to Cuban links and other types of chains. The first piece from this set is his “Big Boy Cuban.” This Cuban link, which Rich the Kid wears on his arm, is gold, styled with diamonds, and is around 10mm to 12mm in width. Another favorite piece from this set is hisCuban link bracelet.

In this jewelry collection, Rich the Kid also shows off his favorite rings. One of these is the customdiamond star ring set in baguettes and diamonds. This ring is designed with smaller a Yellow Gold star on top of the White Gold star ring.

The last part of the episode shows Rich the Kid talking briefly about hiscustom diamond grillz andwatches.

Rich the Kid’s On the Rocks feature reveals his style when it comes to choosing his everyday jewelry. His main influence comes from the dedication he has with his record label and his connection with other artists. Watch the video below and see his top jewelry choices.

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