November 18, 2023

Few extracurricular events in the hip-hop world have garnered as much attention and anticipation as Rick Ross' forthcoming car show. While a significant portion of the buzz revolves around his ongoing feud with fellow car show host DJ Envy, marked by exchanged shots between the two, the anticipation predates the conflict.

Ross has consistently expressed his commitment to organizing an extravagant and opulent event for his community, a sentiment he recently reinforced on Instagram. In a promotional post, he unveiled a staggering array of prizes, consisting of over $300,000 worth of gold and diamond chains, slated for the winners across various categories, such as "Best Car," "Best Bike," and "Hustler Of The Year."

Despite previous hurdles, the Promise Land's host overcame potential obstacles that initially cast doubt on the celebration's occurrence. Initially denied an official permit by local officials to host the car show, Ross recently confirmed on his Instagram page that he received the green light. With the bureaucratic challenges addressed, the stage is now set for the event to thrive, and the battleground between Ross and DJ Envy, with their ongoing feud, promises a clear view for spectators.

However, not everyone is on board with the escalating tension, and voices like Fat Joe's express concern. In an Instagram video, the New York rap icon voiced his disapproval of the unfolding situation. "Don’t like what’s going on with Rick Ross and DJ Envy," he remarked. "Don’t like it. I love ’em both. Beautiful men in their own right, successful, do their thing. I don’t like where it’s going. I know I’ve had my share of beefing with people, but I don’t like it because they’re both beautiful, beautiful people."



The evolving narrative surrounding Ross' car show encompasses not just the anticipated event but also the dynamics of hip-hop rivalries, community engagement, and the intersection of personal conflicts with public events.

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