December 02, 2022

Did you think you knew all there was to know about jewelry? Think again.

This article is for the curious cats waiting to give more meaning and unique aspects. Since jewelry is like getting a tattoo, it’s considered art. People want to be able to tell a story about the jewelry pieces they wear without uttering a single word, letting jewelry speak for them.

If you are one of these people, we’ll be happy to enlighten you further about your collected jewelry and the jewelry you plan to purchase.

What are pendants?

From the Latin word pendere and the old French word pendr, both translating to “to hang down,” is what a pendant is. A charm is a piece of jewelry attached by hanging from either your chain necklaces or other times on your bracelets and earrings.

Factors like cultural beliefs give deeper meaning to what other people consider as mere decorative attachments to their chains. To some, it’s so much more than that. It can be a token like an award, identification, or protection.

We will help you get to know eachpendant jewelry type to enlighten you on what is best to purchase for your chain necklaces.


Amulets take many forms, like coins, statues, drawings, written texts, and pendants that had been used since the middle ages. It is considered one of the most common forms of the pendant. It is made in different shapes and sizes, gold and silver, and adorned with gemstones. It is a wearable piece, usually worn as a pendant around the neck or the arm.  It is believed to harbor spiritual powers that protect you from danger and evil entities.

Religious ornaments are considered a subcategory of amulets. Islamic amulets are like the Hamsa, or "Hand of God," and the evil eye, a symbol used to ward off bad intentions. Another religious symbol popularly used as a pendant is thecross. These are just a few examples of the most popular amulets that are often worn as pendants in necklaces until the present times.  


The talisman and the amulet are often interchangeable. Both carry supernatural powers to the wearer. According to some, the main difference between the two is that amulets are used to protect yourself from something and to ward off evil, while talisman is used to give benefits or special powers to the wearer. One is used for defense, while the other is for offense.


Acameo pendant has a classic and elegant appeal which is why it is still popular with many. Nowadays, it is highly associated with brooches as they have a similar vibe. A cameo is a  gemstone carved into landscapes, flowers, angels, and women portraits that can be traced back to prehistoric petroglyphs.   

It has remained popular with a group of people who value vintage-style jewelry. Knock-off cameo jewelry has been circulating in the market already. So, if you want to get authentic cameo jewelry, be sure to look into the quality of the cameo first or have an expert analyze it to be sure.


It is another vintage-style type of pendant, available in various shapes like round, oval, square, and heart-shaped lockets. It is a very sentimental jewelry piece that serves as a memento. It is said to be the oldest form of pendant used for necklaces. It was designed to open and close to reveal a small photograph of a loved one hidden inside. Some lockets even have engraved notes or a hidden lock of hair inside that further add sentimentality.


Medallions also make great pendants for necklaces. It has proved its course throughout history that it had been used. It is a simple type of pendant, often shaped like a coin and made from precious metals of gold and silver, worn around your neck or pinned on your clothing like a brooch.

They are given to people as a form of reward to give them recognition for a good deed done. They continually served as a status symbol until today, being handed out to achievers in school. Medallion necklaces are even considered to make goodheirlooms as well. 


It comes with the belief and study of astrology with crystals used for energy healing. Different crystals have different uses. It would be used in the same way amulets and talismans are worn. People would use raw tumbled crystals wrapped with wire to be worn on their necks or as a charm for bracelets. With its pop of color, it has retained its popularity this year, which made great summer accessories.

Fashion Pendants

Fashion pendants are the most common type of pendants. Peoplecustomize their pendants with fashion in mind. They are now made of different materials, from synthetic plastics to cultured pearls and natural gemstones.

They are used solely for aesthetic purposes. The more creative a piece is created, the more people it attracts. They are very versatile pieces that you can easily mix and match with whatever you have in your wardrobe. 

Functional Pendants

The functional pendant is for a practical bunch of people. The rule for functional pendants is that they must serve a purpose and not be used solely to look good. The functional pieces, like the bosun’s whistles, Shepherd’s whistles, and the Ocarinas, are often hung around the neck to be accessed easily in case they are needed. They are made into pendants for that main reason.

What was your personal favorite from the list above? We hope you learned a lot from this and get to perfect your style. Until the next blog!

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