October 23, 2023

Recently, The Game delighted his fans by sharing a nostalgic photo on social media. The picture featured him alongside Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, both seen wearing chains with his rap moniker. The caption read, "Had the hottest chicks in the game rocking my chains." This throwback moment took place during the celebration of Hilton's debut album launch at Privilege nightclub in West Hollywood in 2006.

According to The Game, he and Kim briefly dated in 2007, before her relationship with Reggie Bush. He even mentioned that he was "damn near in love" with her. Unfortunately, their relationship came to an end when he spotted Bush in Kim's condo building. The Game casually mentioned their dating experience, recalling how he would connect his Xbox while spending time with Kim because she had excellent internet service.

Check out The Game's old photo with Kim and Paris below:



This isn't the first time The Game has reminded people of his influence and success in the rap industry. During a recent club appearance, he went on a passionate speech, highlighting his impact on the genre. He proudly shared moments from his past, such as taking Nipsey's CD and putting it in his pocket, as well as bringing Kendrick on tour when Kendrick was Jay Rock's hype man. The Game asserted his role in carrying the West Coast hip-hop scene, firmly stating that when people claim to be him, he is the true embodiment of success and influence.

Overall, The Game's throwback photo with Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton wearing his chains serves as a reminder of his past accomplishments and relationships within the entertainment industry. His social media presence and candid stories continue to keep his fans engaged.

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