April 11, 2022

gold pres album masterpiece painting with black marble and a "P" with money inside


In a world of Twitter beef, SoundCloud rappers, and mumble rap, it's refreshing to see an album that is boldly hip-hop. The "Gold Pres" album is the newest release from rapper Lil Ronny MothaF x Gold Presidents, and it's a labor of love for the hip-hop genre. Lil Ronny, a Dallas legend and songwriter is best known for his hits such as “Throw that a** in a circle”, “New Year’s Resolution”, and “Killmonger” to name a few.

lil ronny mothaf wearing gold pres designer clothing with a black hat

This project is the first of its kind, combining Lil Ronny MothaF’s lyrical skills with Gold Presidents CEO, D. James, whose vision came together to create the Mona Lisa of music. This gives the album a cohesive sound and allows Lil Ronny to tell his story in his own words. If you're looking for a Classic hip-hop album with beats that will make your head nod, "Gold Pres" is definitely worth a listen.

This album gives summertime, drop top, grown and sexy, headed to the family cookout, just got paid vibes - better yet, I’m my own boss, so every day is payday energy...
The perfect combination of turn-up and chill. Whether you're getting ready for the club or getting dressed for work - The Gold Pres album is guaranteed to have something you can feel.
Unlike the majority of music these days, The Gold Pres album gives you substance, motivation, and rawness that everyone can relate to. With hits like “Face your fears”, “Outside of IG”, and “Purpose''. This album brings us back to the days when music was more than just the beat.
Lil Ronny created a true masterpiece, with a track list you can listen to from start to finish.

gold pres album track list

Painting the picture of everyday struggles, hard work, and striving to be the best version of yourself. However, the real art is how the message is put together in a smooth, flowy, easy-to-listen way. The type of songs where you never forget the lyrics.
With so many great tracks, you'll be listening to it non-stop. So put on your headphones and get ready to witness greatness.


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