October 13, 2022

Even when Cartier first released the trinity ring, which combines yellow, white, and rose gold tones, there was a lot of anticipation about it. It marks the rise in the popularity of rose gold in jewelry. Over ten years, we have noticed it on phones, laptops, book covers, apparel, and jewelry. It undoubtedly has a long on-screen presence in Legally Blonde. Simply put, pink is a beautiful color.

However, some people don’t seem to find it an essential shade for their type of jewelry. Intimidated by the pink hue to clash with their wardrobe shades and style, we’re here to show you that it’s not that hard and fun to style. Keep scrolling as we talk about thedifferent colors that you might already have in your wardrobe to pair with your rose gold jewelry.

What is Rose Gold? 

Rose gold is one of the many gold colors, also called pink gold or red gold. To answer whether it’s real gold, yes, it is. It is real gold alloyed with other metal types making its rose gold hue. Alloying is the process of mixing metals in gold to create a new shade of gold.

Using a combination of traditional yellow gold, copper, and (sometimes) silver metals, rose gold can be produced. These metals give gold its pink tint and strengthen its malleable consistency, so that it works in jewelry.

Now, let’s dive right away into the differentshades of colors that you can be able to put on for your favorite rose gold pieces. 

Minimalist Shades

It is the safest bet among the colors, and I know people are still in this stage. It’s a comfy yet very classy style for some people and could perfectly highlight the pink hue on your neck or wrist. 


Some jokingly say that black is their happy color. The color black undoubtedly screams confident, power, and elegance. Honestly, who wouldn’t be happy with that? This combo highlights the jewelry you put on one hundred percent! 

White or Ivory

A blank slate. A white canvas. The perfect look for those who want to make it simple yet looks very clean and eye-pleasing. No doubt that this goes with everything. It gives off the chic, feminine vibe of ladies. The neatness of your outfit, when matched with glittering pink-colored jewelry fromGold Presidents, will elevate your game and produce an elegant overall effect.


This color might seem dull but could be so easy to pair with other colors that balance out the whole outfit to make it a rather dashing finish. This color base for your look lets the pink hues shine brighter than they may be given credit. Grab your gray coats and add your rose gold jewelry to top it off. It is also often seen at weddings. 



It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but believe us, teal and rose gold could hit off that fun and colorful look you want. Rose gold has warm undertones, but it goes well with cooler undertones like those with teal and even turquoise. 

Despite the contrast between the two colors, the soft shade of rose gold balances the rich hues of teal. These two complementary colors are sure to be a match like no other. 

Navy blue

It is another good color to pair with rose gold. Navy blue is seen a lot at weddings and festivities. It may be a darker color, but it has that underlying charm that puts people in a happy mood for celebrations. Its rich dark blue tones pair with the subtle undertone shade of rose gold that complements each other perfectly. Put on an off-shoulder navy blue top and pair them withlayered rose gold and different colored gold necklaces in various lengths for those great for the cold summer night escapades. Meanwhile, you can grab your navy-blue sweater and put on your rose gold watch, and you’re all set for winter.  

Monochromatic Colors

If you want to keep your profile not too flashy but still chic, then you might be the one who embraces the monochromatic type of styles where you opt for a single color of different shades or colors that are in the same family of colors.


Blush is a shade with the same underlying tones as rose gold, making it blend into the whole outfit. Since they are of the same color palette, it makes them very easy to work and pair with each other. They would work very well together in a sweet and girly vibe. It would make a great outfit transitioning from summer to fall season.


Another color that comes from the same color palette is pink. Although this has a little red undertone, it works best for yourBarbiecore outfits. It makes the metallic pink finish, giving off pretty and flashy color! Pink comes in different shades, and all of them would fit perfectly with rose gold, so if you could mix and match different shades with your rose gold jewelry better. 


Copper makes you a bit edgy and has a very well-put vibe. Also, because rose gold is alloyed with a part of copper, it looks good. It would give off a modern look, but it is softened by the light flush of pink in rose gold that works well to balance it out.

Do what you will with this information but above all else, have fun accessorizing! 

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